Revelations 14:1

 (Jesus speaking: )

 It’s not something you can see, this seal that is placed on the foreheads of My brides, believers and confidants. They shall see and know things that others can’t, because in their humility they accept the torture for believing on Me. Their faith knows no limits, and this is how they will rise above. They long to please Me, and just as I in My suffering too, yea in my utmost anguish of heart and mind and body while fulfilling scripture and placing Myself as the offering for sin, pleased God; so will the suffering of My believing and faithful brides please Me. When someone is willing to suffer and die for the love of God and brethren, I weep, yea I tremor with heart wracking tears. This is love. You wonder what love is? This is love. I say “love your brethren” and this is what it means—laying down your life for another, that the cause of Christ be promoted and upheld. Those who are not willing to lay themselves down in daily, hourly, lifelong sacrifice to promote the cause of the Kingdom, don’t have true love. For love is the fulfilling of the law. Love is obedience, fulfilling My Word. You cannot have true love, as the Bride of the Redeemer, and keep your life, save your life, and withhold. He or she that withholds is not a true lover. Just as to withhold Myself in the hour you needed My love to be shown, giving up the life I had on Earth, would not have been love. Why do you want to hold back? Is it pain you fear? That is to say pain has power over you. Just as much as an addiction to something hurtful can have power over you. Don’t give in to fear, or it will ruin your life. Throw it off. It should have no power over you.

This freedom: to serve and follow Me, to live without fear of the conditions and circumstances, pain and hardship; to just do as you are bidden, and leave the consequences up to Me; to love not your lives, even unto the death. And will be death for so many believers, not because I am unrighteous, but because I am, and I wish to release them from the clutches of the devourer and pleasure them in My Kingdom of love. Here they will be nourished.

Those who stay on and power on with the flaming power of God’s message and are tortured and tormented for doing so are given extra strength and empowerment. That’s why it says in the book of Revelations that the Beast and that whole wicked team were to be “tormented day and night”. If My believers, My humble, honest, give-their-all brides and warriors were troubled day and night, yea if for their lifetime they find no rest, so will they who oppose them be given no rest—it’s just that their “lifetime” in the world to come is much longer. I can do bigger and badder things than they and others thought that a “nice loving God” can or would choose to do. I can be as bad to the bad guys as I can be good to My believing followers.

Just as good, and beyond-belief  rewards are given out to the faithful; to those who have not shared loyalties with the enemy but stayed true to Me and to My plan, so will bad consequences be dished out to the willfully, rebellious wicked, and the consequences will be beyond anything they imagined. They thought they could dream up torments and lash out pain on My little family on Earth? They didn’t invent evil and bad things. They invented nothing. They are simply using on My sheep what is actually going to be done to them, but on a much bigger scale. They want to play the ‘bad game’; I own the rights to it and will win.  They want to engage in “tribulation” warfare with Me and My Family on earth? That is what they will get. They will so regret they ever even looked the way of torment, dragging My humble believers off to be used by them in wicked ways. I have things to show THEM, “great and mighty things” that they certainly know not. Great— as in big—will be their payback. And they will be so, ever so sorry for it.

And the game ends the way it starts. All losers, all Lucifer’s losers, will be in the “taken” pile and off the board game, and I’ll begin setting up My side of the board again. Only this time, once my players are in place, there are no evil ones to play against. Then I ask you to sit on the other side of the board and show what pieces you have. Your wins for Me while on Earth are like the pieces you will have to work with when you and I sit down to play this next game together. It is a game of instruction. I will teach you strategy and lessons, and what are winning moves and what are not. It’s like a Father-child game in a school of learning.

You think this life here is all there is to it, that this is all there is to learn? No, My dear ones, this is just one room in My vast school for My children. Not everyone comes here, as it’s a tough place to learn. But those who do and come out winners, having played the game of life well, are truly glad. They get honors and rewards given only to those who entered and passed the test of Earth class. It gives you a certain rank. It is the different things you know and have gone through that earn you titles. –That is, that you can be called on to do this job or another, for you know what you need to know to do it well. Passing in Earth school gives you the ability to be entrusted with different jobs and services and honors. –Like ambassadors have to know things about the country they are sent to; and have to act like a good citizen of the one they belong to, while they work to bring good relations between the two. How else will the rulers of the World to Come, in the thousand year reign, know how to help those on Earth, if they haven’t lived there and been trained, knowing the hardships and struggles? If you want to be a ruler in Kingdom Come, and be able to get this place in shape, so that many more can have the chance to believe and live for Me, then you have to suffer for Me first, and go through life’s struggles. It’s par for the course. So if you suffer, then you are qualified to reign, and have earned it as well.


“You think this life here is all there is to it, that this is all there is to learn? ”




“When someone is willing to suffer and die for the love of God and brethren, I weep, yea I tremor with heart wracking tears. This is love.”









the seal


Jesus Speaking

Psalm 127:3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

Psalm 127:4 As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.

I am that mighty man. I am the one whose quiver is full. When you look for it, or I should say, when your eyes are open to noticing what My written scriptures are actually saying, it really amazes you. You are amazed because you never saw it like that or in that way before. Then you start to see hints of new truths just about everywhere you look.

It’s like seeing things in color all of a sudden, or getting a new color added. Say for example, a printer ran out of ink of a certain color, it would affect all the other colors. But if you refill it, oh, then things look very different. What you thought was yellow, was actually green, and what you thought was red, looks more like purple now. So what color was missing?

So what color is missing from your spiritual eyes? There is something in the Word of God today that you didn’t notice, and haven’t noticed your whole life. Even if I tell you the name of a color and say it’s missing, you’ll still see yellow and red just as you think they are. I have to actually place that color into your head, and let it mix together with the other passages. Then it changes things. You see things so differently. It is then that you at last are given the knowledge to see and understand hidden secrets.

You could also think of it as layers of transparent colored plastic laid down over the black and white line-art on a page. As the art is held up to the light, each colored layer will affect what you see. If you add the plastic that has the shape of a yellow hill on it, that’s all you’ll see—a yellow hill, and a white or clear sky. Then if the layer of blue is placed on the picture, all of a sudden you see a green hill and a blue sky. So it is with scripture. If it talks about a hill or sky, or any number of word pictures and ideas, you start to get the idea. But there might be much more to it. You need Me to give you the information and give you the capability to see things in a new, more advanced way—at least advanced for you. When people just keep looking over the black and white outline that is clearly seen in My written Word, they miss so much color and vibrancy. They miss the feelings and tone that the colors give. I want it to actually come to life for them—and not just be a picture.

 So seek My Word, the scriptures as well as My living Word in prophecy. It’s one long conversation, one long, very long story-line, and it all fits together.

Seek out the book of the Lord” for I will fulfill what I have said. (ISA.34:16 Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate: for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them.) I may be like the wise man that “keeps it in till afterwards” and doesn’t “utter all that is in His mind”. (PRO.29:11 A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards.) I might save up some things that I wish to say until the later parts of the story.  You’ll never get to that part if you don’t listen, or if you have ignored all that I’ve said previously. (JOH.2:10 … when men have well drunk … thou hast kept the good wine until now.)

 It’s like someone just wanting to hear the punch line of a cleverly told joke. Maybe he comes in at the end, and only wants to hear what’s at the end, and doesn’t let the joke teller have the joy of being able to tell the whole story and paint the scenario well.  When it comes to the last line, he isn’t going to “get it”. He might chuckle, mostly because those around him are laughing, and he’d look really “out of the loop” if he wasn’t laughing at least a bit. But if you look in his eyes, you’ll see he’s actually really puzzled. He didn’t find anything funny about it at all. It seemed rather odd to him, actually. So you may find that those who don’t “get” what I’m giving through you now in prophecy, and don’t clearly understand, are those who haven’t been following the script so far. They haven’t been listening to the full conversation and haven’t kept up to date. Maybe someone can give them a quick and brief update, so they can at least have an idea of what’s going on. But there are those who have stopped to listen – and listen long and well to what I’ve been saying.  These will get the greatest joy when they hear the latest things that I’m saying. It will make so much more sense then.

The Bible is like the brief summary to give the update to those who came in to the conversation after it all happened. For those living through it, it took a good many years, as these were their stories, the very real experiences that taught them about God. You can read about it, and try to grasp what they learned. But your God is still moving and working and teaching His children today, in their lives. They are supposed to be still writing things down to admonish each other, and have it for a record for the future days. So, just because something doesn’t make sense now, doesn’t mean that it never has or that it never will. Sometimes you just need more time, both for time to pass, and for time in studying the scriptures to see how what I’ve given to your generation all fits together. So give it time, and let Me expound on the scriptures, in My time and in My way. (End of message from Jesus)

shades of scripture



Not mandatory…micro-managed

12-NOV-2020 A vivid dream

It was this bank of sorts. Anyone who wanted access to the interior part of it—such as visiting someone who worked in that bank or going in to get access to something money related, had to have this vaccine shot thing. There were four to get before you were allowed to go, but I think it was all combined into a single shot.

There was this room at the entrance to the large bank building. It was sectioned off into all these rooms or wings. There were doctors and nurses, in white coats, to give this injection to each new batch of people. They were forced to get it if they wanted to go in. This included babies.  But I’m not sure …maybe it was also a place to get it done, not just for going into the money building.

My husband and I were going in. I wouldn’t normally have had to, but there was some reason, something I needed to be there for, so both he and I were in the room, or the part of the room that was sectioned off, to get it.

We were going on that day, to access something in room or account or something that was number 1111. (This was on the night of 11-11-2020)

Everyone in the room was very desperate. They knew there was a big risk that this shot would be something very bad and harmful to them. It seemed almost a spirit of prayer. And “they” allowed it, they let people feel that desperation and gave time for sober contemplation. But there was no other way, at all, that you’d be allowed to go in without it.

While waiting and feeling sobered and really not wanting this thing, not wanting to give place to having this done to me, I asked my husband, “Remind me again, why we are doing this?” He replied, “To have our livelihood” etc. So I gather that to have any access to funds at all, you had to have this injection.

So we entered this vaccination room, filled with people and the white coats, nurses, etc. We had to thoroughly “sanitize” our hands. I put this stuff on them and was lathering and rubbing and rubbing it in, but there was so much it was taking a while to get it all absorbed. It was thick and light brown. It was evaporating, but being absorbed. The injection couldn’t take place until the hand procedure was done. This gave me time to think and pray while waiting.

I was dressed in something very unusual. It was some cloth, the kind that baby diapers are often made of. But it was a big piece and it was white and wrapped around me. It just covered my breast and went down like a short dress, and I had some sort of tie around it to keep it on. (Like clean and white, not soiled.) It didn’t seem to be an issue what I was wearing. In fact, once it slipped off my bosoms, and oops, I had to put them back in. But as long as I was there to get the injection, no one was troubling me about anything.

I was so desperate in prayer, as it seemed unless a miracle happened, who knows what harm it would do to us. So I lifted up my arms in prayer and crying, and speaking in tongues. Again, no one cared or stopped me. The whole room was in a sober and desperate attitude, all praying in their heart at least.

There was a mother who had brought her twin babies in, and the babies were about to be jabbed.

“Oh, Heaven help! Heaven help us!” I said aloud, almost wishing my concern would stop it from happening, and at least my aloud verbal prayer would spare them whatever was to happen to them from it. I was horrified this was being done, and being forced on those babies.

That’s when I woke up. It didn’t happen to me yet.

I suppose you could choose to forsake it, I guess. I don’t know. In the dream, I had to be there for some legal reason, though I was unsure just why. I was just told I had to, and so I was there doing as I was told, along with everyone else.

(Jesus speaking: ) It’s coming. The mark of the beast is coming, and those who are sealed for the system get access to its banks, its information, its money system, and all it offers. There is lots in this dream that can alert you. So stay tuned to a sin-ema near you where all this will be at your service.

There was still choice in the dream, but you just had to choose what system you wanted access to. There was freedom, for those choosing to get it, while they waited for it.

It showed men and women, babies and all, to show that all types “great and small” are to receive the mark.  “Bound and free” were as those of you who were free to go or leave, but there were those working in the bank whose family had to come there to see them. “Rich or poor” was shown by your husband who had funds, and you who didn’t, but you still had to get it—or were compelled to.

To reach certain goals you will be compelled to do it their way. No other way but to do it.

But there is another way, the God way. (…more to be said and received…I’m sure.)

(Note: My husband told me today, 15th, that this country ordered 20 million COVID vaccines –it’s voluntary, but I know that *micromanaging makes it be compulsory. Like the choir head said everyone in the choir needed to get it before they could meet again and sing. Thankfully, the members of the choir objected and said that someone can’t force medicine on them, so choir head pulled back.)

*Where enough companies or shops can make it be their policy, and deny access if you don’t have it. Micromanaging makes anything “compulsory” without the government being blamed.

a vivid dream

with confirming prophecy

November 1/2020
(Jesus:) I wish to be your guide, your mentor, your shepherd. Come to Me as much as possible, for I am the Word of Life. I am the means of survival in the days that are about to begin; a wave of chaos, persecution, famine, and danger are almost upon the world. The evil men of this world, the high ranking puppets of the evil one are pushing the pawns and the goyim to a decision. They will not make this choice without a strong tactic, a hard push in the right direction.
This hard push is what is soon to come upon this world. I want you to be ready; I need you as a hot link to the heavenlies. In order for you to become this, you must dedicate your heart and mind to Me more
fully. I am more than ever asking My children to put away childish things, to not look at things or circumstances with the carnal mind. You must hear from Me more often and include Me in your everyday life more then you have been. Full possession is what I am asking. Say not that I am but a man, for I am in you and I am so much more. I am calling you a watchman, a centurion. I am asking you to stay at your post, to stand firm and gird up.
Today was indeed a special day. Today I am turning up the heat on all My children all around the world. Today is gear-up time, reboot time, next-level day. It’s time to pull up your socks and get on board, cause we’re moving out. This is the final call for march. Now you must pick up your game and move, or you really will get left behind. The days of darkness are coming faster than many choose to believe. The midnight hour is about to be rung, and many of My children seem to have set their clocks wrong. Well, I am calling. I have been calling, to those who will listen. They cannot say they have not been warned, or were deceived by the times. I indeed began to raise My bones in the year 2016, and those who would
hear began to rise and follow. It’s not that I didn’t call all My family, I did, and I am still calling, but many are not heeding the call. It will indeed come as a thief in the night to many. But I have warned you. I have faithfully called out My children and given them time to prepare, and many are preparing. Yet it will take time for them to explode. I have been working on their hearts and they are following Me, but still in a quiet way. The time will come when they will step forth to meet the foe head-on.
But now I see the need to heighten the intensity of all My children’s training. Today the call went out: the call to march, the call to head to higher ground, to the next training camp. I, Myself, am leading the
training from now on. All those who have been following thus far will feel the effects of this move. I have told you, I have made these things known unto you for you are My chosen band; you are My prophets in the wilderness. Your calling is great if you will follow. Come to Me for your daily routine training course. Come to Me in soberness and preparedness. I will instruct each of you personally, for this is the day of advanced personal combat. You, My elite troops, must be skilled to the maximum; therefore, I implore you to sign up with your personal trainer and really get hooked. Soon the world will be engulfed in darkness such as has never been seen before. Those who have heeded My checks, who
have followed My voice and obeyed My voice in these days will not be hit as hard by the initial gust.
They will have more safety and preparation time, as well as more opportunities to reach the lost. Those who have not heeded and obeyed may be stuck in the midst of a firefight or worse yet, killed early.
You who are a team must stay strong as a team, for what one does affects the rest of the team. Choices choices, these are also days of choices. Choose now before it’s too late. Would you want to be
responsible for the death of your team due to your own lack of preparedness? Alas, there will be much shame for those who would not give Me back the time I spent training them. Many tears will be shed.
But to you who would climb with Me, I say, prepare: learn to more fervently seek Me and include Me in all you do. Now is the day of receiving My Word straight from the source. This is your time to prepare,
use it wisely, I love you.


What makes you different

“The Love of God is far greater than pen or tongue can ever tell…” I wrote: I used to merely think I needed You, Jesus. This was a great step. Wonderful things happened when I made that realization. However, greater was my surprise when many years later, You let me in on a secret: You needed me too. It was almost too much to fathom, and perhaps I didn’t really grasp it for a long time; maybe I still don’t. But the wonder of it made me feel loved to a new degree never before felt, and wish to always be a part of You, to fill that need. And now, as the years again have rolled on, a new wonder, and revelation has come to my slowly maturing soul, that what You actually needed was me to need You! It’s not enough that I love You, or that I know You love and need me. But You need me to crave You, to never be satisfied with anything else. So that’s why I never do get full, I always have a hunger lingering in me. You made me that way. You made me to always desire You. When that is realized—that You are the only one that fills me completely, and that it’s most satisfying to You when I do crave you and long for You, then it all makes sense. And there is only one option for joy—that we are, forever, inseparably together; eternally. Your joy and my joy can only then be complete. I don’t have to wish that I didn’t have a hunger for deep love. I don’t have to be anything far out and wonderful to make You happy. I simply have to stoke up the fires of my craving to be utterly enveloped and filled by Your love, and be content to yearn for You above all—then You are satisfied, because You know I’ll stick around. When you see I am content with You and You alone, caring for nothing else above what I know only Your love can offer, then I get to enjoy satisfaction like I can only dream of. Only You can fill me like I’m created to want to be filled. I want you. I want You now. I want You in a million years. Because I want…I lack, I am not complete, and never will be without the part of You within Me that only You fit in to. We just fit like a glove; for You are the Maker of love. Not only, “The Maker” of that mystical thing called love, but the creator of the need for it as well.

Maker of Love



Jesus Speaking

“When the leper was aching so desperately for a touch, for affection, for acceptance, I touched him. It crossed the boundaries of “right” for a human, living on Earth, with the troubles that come to humans if doing the same thing.

The Son of God can do these things—for that man, for you, for anyone. People could not withstand the evil destruction of leprosy. But I, with God’s power while in a human form, could not only give the needed healing, but give the needed touch of love to the most disdained soul, stuck in affliction.

I don’t have boundaries for the sincere seekers. Only those who want to use Me as a way of getting what they want out of life—like praying for selfish wishes that have nothing to do with our ongoing relationship and the needs of My heart. I don’t satisfy those—but that too is love, because then they will seek out a better way to My heart…and find Me. Their being left without, will show them the way to a closer relationship with Me.

To say you’ll love and praise and worship Me in one way, and not another, doesn’t make you more “righteous” or more loved, really. It’s all about what each person personally needs to make their faith in My reality grow to such heights that nothing and no one can topple it, or top it.”

the leper



Vatina #3 online now

Jesus Speaking

My disciple John loved Me in a special way, and I showed special love to him in return, according to his heart’s needs and his desire.

Who knows what he left behind, what loves he left to follow me? Only I know. I couldn’t grant him to have a lover, a woman, a mate, for he had a job to do. So I filled that place in his heart. He loved me much like David and Jonathan, with a love that surpassed the love of women.

God has all kinds and types of love to give out to people’s hearts. This type of love that John shared with Me kept him on the path that he needed to walk. He was the one that I could reveal so much to about My love, and the one that saw the vision of “The Bride of Christ”. He could understand how I wanted to be the Mate, the Eternal Husband of believers, bound together with them forever. He loved Me with a special love that made him wish for Me above all Earthly loves.

As he lay on My bosom hearing the news that this was the last night I’d spend with them all, it was crushing news. He couldn’t have handled it unless he was being held in an embrace next to My heart. So come close to My heart when crushing blows come your way, and I’ll hold you tightly too.

Do you think I ignored his intense love for Me, when at last seeing him again after my resurrection? It was really hard for him to not have Me in person there, really tough. But the times I spent with him after I rose, were so meaningful and love-filled that it powered him with all the “love energy” he’d needed  to face the world and then share Me with them, calling them to also love Me with all their heart and soul.

If I didn’t intent to fill human’s physical needs, why did I make the need be there? There are so many situations when another human just can’t fill the need, and you really have a need. I don’t enjoy seeing want and lacks and unsatisfied hunger. Read what it says in the Bible about My desire to satisfy.

Psalm 91:16, “…will I satisfy him”

Psalm 132:15: “…I will satisfy her”

Psalm 16:11 “In thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.”

My Disciple John


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Seeds of David

(Jesus Speaking: )The Spirit helpers will now present themselves to you. See that you heed their advice and follow their instructions closely; for I myself have instructed them. Heed their advice, for they are heeding to Mine.

Angelic beings




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