prophecy bites

“The love of money is the root of all evil. And the axe shall get laid to the root of this tree. If you want your life to be built up and rooted strongly, it needs to be “established in the faith”.

Have you noticed how fear and money go hand in hand—first you fear you won’t have enough, then you fear it will be taken; and when you are not living by faith and for faith, more often than not, it does get taken. It’s a funny game really, when money is your aim and focus, you always lose. If you horde it and hold on to it, never spending it, what good is it even having it? If you spend it, it’s gone. In the end when you leave this life, you leave it all, what did it profit you to gain the whole world and lose your own soul?

 If your soul is saved, yet you still work for the glory of being rich, and don’t share the wealth, you will have to learn tough lessons in the World to come. You didn’t invest that which was given to you as a steward.  The whole reason it was given was to enhance and build up the kingdom of God.

So let every cent you ever receive be seen not as a gift to you personally, but as a job to do for Me. Be a faithful servant and go and use that money for what it was given for. If you don’t know, then ask. Or if you asked for supply and I gave it, thank Me and use it for what you asked it for. Neither give place to the enemy. Remember it all belongs to Me, for you belong to Me, and everything I let you have is Mine and is to be used for what I have asked you to do.

It’s like if I give a basket of food to you, My servant, to take to a poor woman, but on your way you nibble it, throw some to a stray dog and put some in your pocket. That’s not being a faithful messenger or servant. When I ask the woman about how much she received and find out it was less than I gave, it will cost you. You’ll have to pay it back.

So is it if money is given to you, realize that every bit of it should be prayed about and used rightfully. But more important than faithfulness in material things is the time you spend, and what you spend your life doing. So be most of all faithful with your time.

If I want you to work for money because there are people there to reach and help, then do so with a pure heart, working for Me to gather the true riches, hardly thinking about the money game set up just to trap you into being too busy or too in debt to follow Me.

Keep your focus right, and don’t lose sight of the goal—Heaven, its rewards, and the souls that are meant to be there.”




It is tough because you are climbing up

Jesus speaking: Can I talk to you for a bit?

I can see each thing that is hard, and it’s meant to be so, you know? Or it wouldn’t be a class, a lesson, a course you are taking. It’s not meant to be a vacation or something like that. The world was obsessed with “vacations” and the slave driver made sure of this by making work so totally hard and mundane or strenuous or whatever. But now that the plug is pulled on both—work and pleasure, pretty much worldwide, people hardly know what to do with themselves.

Their lives have been driven, nearly with a whip, to get educated so they can work and earn a living, and have some frills along the way like a car, house, and time away from thinking. But the apple cart is all upset, yet they are hardwired to still want/need those things. So that is why they are putty in the hands of the world’s system.

You, however have been raised in a totally different environment—mountain men. Now the valley creatures don’t want people to know about the mountains out of the pit that can be climbed, and much less that there are others who know the ropes and can scale them, people who could teach them the way out of the pit and into the sunshine of God’s light and truth.

So if things seem hard, be glad that it’s because you are climbing up! It’s because you are a mountaineer. Things could be hard because you are in a slimy pit trying to climb up the slippery sides but keep falling down again, and your fall is helping to dig the pit yet deeper.

Be glad that your struggles are a sign that you are heading closer to the light, up to the fresher air. And you are getting stronger from the climb too.

No one is having a la-la life right now, and neither should you expect to have breezy days. But you can be glad that for all your effort is doing you and others some good, and there is a reward for your effort, something really good that I can’t wait to surprise you with!

END TIME PROPHECY POWER an end time post

“So if things seem hard, be glad that it’s because you are climbing up! It’s because you are a mountaineer.”



The Lamp

The Light of His Word is the light that will lead you out of this darkness





prophecy bites

(Jesus:) When you use the Keys, you are unlocking more and more of My Kingdom and bringing It down to Earth—therefore weakening the Devil’s hold on this world and bringing on the End quicker. The Final Key will be the culmination of all that you and others have done through the Keys of Heaven. That great and final Barrier of power will burst forth and usher in the Age of the Spirit upon Earth! The Devil will then be defeated and be cast into the bottomless pit. We will have won the victory and finished the course. So the more you use the Keys, the more quickly I can come and open that Lock for you. I need conduits, My love, to bring about this power. I need Key wielders, opening all these doors and bringing the Spirit Realm down to earth. Just as My Father needed a conduit—My mother, Mary—to bring Me down to earth. And just as I needed a vessel—your Father David—to pour forth the Words of the End. So do I again need vessels to take hold of the Keys and open the windows of Heaven, so that My Spirit can have a gateway to come back and take over the World.




Prophecy bites

More from the “Seeds of David”: Ancydea

I know you are hurting, Darling. We all are. But it’s a pain that will pass. We’ll light up again and fly high with new joys before time is up. Be glad you have time left on your hands. And if you feel you are broken in too many ways to get those wings to fly again, then just run; run with all your might, and He’ll renew your strength. Before too long, the wind might just catch your wings and straighten them out again, and even if you can’t flap them hard and fast yet, the wind under your wings will hold you up and get you buoyed up and gliding.

Wounds are hard to recover from, but take heart and know that not one bit of the suffering and pain of the current situation is going to be wasted. It’s going to be milked for the most it can, and bring back good into your life.

No, darling, you didn’t fail—you are still in the game and still doing your best, even if “best” doesn’t look as shiny as you’d like it to be. You did your best under enormous challenges and tight circumstances. But just because you didn’t reach your ideal goals doesn’t mean you didn’t do what you were mean to do.

You see so many failures, so many broken tools that you tried to use. So many plants that just didn’t grow like you were hoping they would. It’s going to be a tough fight now. Nothing about it is easy. Prayer is going to see you through. Prayer and a bit of perspiration. … Be brave. You really can’t tick every box and feel like a winner in all things.

But did you hear from Jesus about something today? And did you put into practice at least one or two things that He asked of you in the past little while, to the best of your ability? Good Darling. Your heart is right, even if your hands and feet can’t work and run as fast as you’d wish, and not as many “priorities” are tended to each day. Be brave. It’s all going to come together like a grand, numerous piece, multi dimensional puzzle. 

And we’re not over yet. There’s more to come, you’ll see. And remember too, that when you are serving the Lord, there is plenty that won’t seem right to your eyes –right now– that is. But you are not the judge. You can leave the final score up to the One who made the game.

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Seeds of David (PDF)

Prophecy bites

Time to be speeding forward

Angel speaking : I am your conductor, to conduct you through your day. Pleased to be of service. It’s good when you feel little and small in your own sight. When your own strength of “being able to take it” weakens, you see how very much you do need Jesus and need His help through us who are at your side ready to help in ways too numerous to list.

It makes us glad when you know you need our help, as that means you will be calling for it far more often, and then greater progress will be made. It’s like making the selection of a vehicle for your trip down “today’s road”. Will you just walk or crawl down the rough road? Or will you ask for a coach to take you? Or will you get the smartest service available—us?. We can take you in style and get you to the desired destination by the time the day comes to a close.

When you call on Heaven’s service, you get there in Heaven’s style, speed and condition.

Yes, scratched knees from crawling along the rough road teach you things—like a child who is learning to crawl and to walk. The bumps teach them what to do and what not to do, and mostly teach them how much better it would be to walk and stay upright, and learn to do it well. It was a stage to get them to reach a better end. Then once they can walk, they can go on to biking, and then being able to carry other little ones, and finally they can even learn to drive.

So your crawling and struggling through things isn’t meant to be a lifelong state, but a means to an end, to get you to want a better way. You can walk holding onto Jesus’ hand, and take steps that way. But soon you’ll learn that to make the fastest progress on the road of your life, you’ll want to climb aboard the Heaven-a-copter to take you over vast areas in a short amount of time.

To use Heaven’s service, you simply need to call for the Keys of all the various needs you encounter, and allow yourself to be coached along on what to do and say.

You no longer have to struggle with hard times that drain you of so much, but can simply stop and say, “Hey, I need some ____” whatever. We’re there to help.

Like you heard the whisper yesterday during a really rough time, “What do you want us to do?”

You thought it was a lesson of bravely going through struggles and tough days again, unlike you have had in a while. “That’s just life” you thought.

But that was in several grades back. You no longer need to crawl in the rocks and get torn knees. Maybe that was a good reminder of what it’s like without our constant help. See, now progress forward is more important than deep lessons like you’d learn on a tough day.

We want to lift you through it. Just say the word, and the Lord will send whatever you need. It’s really quite simple.

It’s oil time. Time to be speeding forward with the oil of God’s Spirit.




What happens Before Jesus returns

“Everyone is hoping it will improve; that world conditions will improve and then they can all pick up from where they left off. But you see, it’s not going to happen like that –is it? Many people know this fact, because deep in their hearts the Lord has been preparing them and speaking to them about what is coming: that in fact what is coming is not good at all. The Bible teaches and your Father David has taught for most of his days on earth as the leader of My Endtime movement, that the Great Tribulation is coming and will transpire during your lifetime on earth. 

The news will only get worse from here on in. It has not improved over the years; it has gotten worse week by week. The Elites’ plans are being enacted by men and women of this world that truly do not care for anything but their own pleasure and as long as they can play and have fun and enjoy the fruits of this system they will continue to live selfishly  –to themselves and for themselves. Great suffering is coming My dear ones, much much more suffering, war, bloodshed, and inhumanity will sweep this world and run totally out of control as the authorities that have the power to do something to stop it will run out of resources and  willpower to stop it.

As each day passes, you and the world draw closer to the revelation of the Antichrist. He is close, but still a little ways off. He is planning, scheming and making ready his grand entrance. His plan will be brilliant; it will bring hope and peace, albeit temporarily, to the world, and they will love him for bringing this false utopia to their miserable, fearful lives. Your job as prophets has already begun, and as the weeks and months pass, the pressure will increase; the need to be the Lord’s mouthpieces will weigh heavily upon you.

So you see, these days of preparation are vital, essential for what is coming and what will soon be upon you. Keep pressing your family to prepare in spirit. There is little you can do in the physical except obey the spiritual laws and follow hard after the Word and the things of the spirit. Your obedience to His voice will bring down your physical needs and security. You may have noticed that there are certain leaders running amok right now. They are all programed to behave a certain way for certain endgame results within the greater board of play. Don’t be deceived, thinking that they are playing independent games, as if they were so concerned about the welfare of their respective countries. They do not play for their countries; they are rather being played by the master and are in sync with the overall strategy.

The Antichrist is far advanced and is playing very skillful chess; resistance is low now. Those that presume to stand up against his united onslaught are put out of action or annihilated. Resistance is very difficult at best, futile at worst. Do not be dismayed for it is written that the beast will overcome the saints in war. In the war of strategy, he holds all the major players and all the major positions. Anyone who presumes to think that there is a way to fight city hall is deceived. They do not understand God’s Word or His overall plan. They think He does not see or hear, or is just disinterested with the childish games of man.

Jesus Speaking: The carnal mind of man is foolishness; his wisdom is foolish to Me. I see, I hear and I care greatly.  I am acting in a way that will bring about the overall best results in the lives of all mankind. I am coming soon; do not doubt this fact. It is written. Satan is playing a losing game; he cannot win. He is simply not intelligent or powerful enough. The weapons of his warfare are carnal, destructive, non-productive, whereas Mine are productive, reproductive, eternal and based in My love for My creation. We will win, My dearest brides, but first man must see that his ways are futile. The spirit of man is strong; it is what is sustaining him at the moment. Many will be part of the opposition of those that want to rule the world; they will fight on, but they will not prevail. Many lives will be lost as the final act comes into play. My Word says that the Antichrist will make war with the saints, not only does that mean the saints of this dispensation, but it also means the saints of the next dispensation, the Millennial saints, those that will live on into the Millennium, those that will see that taking Me and My plan is the best course of action. Not much in that respect will change, Satan has planted many foul seeds in My garden, and the job ahead is enormous. There’s a whole millennium of work ahead of us, My loves.

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“As each day passes, you and the world draw closer to the revelation of the Antichrist. He is close, but still a little ways off; he is planning, scheming and making ready his grand entrance. His plan will be brilliant.”



They Got The Money

Why fight city hall? No need when you have Jesus as your King. It’s good to know He is in control, even if all seems to be out of your control.