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i’m not going to sink

When you are passing through that time period of endurance, it’s like floating in your boat out on the open sea. You may not know where the shore is across the sea, and you may not know how far away it is, but what you do know is that there is a shore, and that you are on My current, and that I am taking you there. You’ve put all in My hands, and you’ve decided, “I’m not going to sink, for God is going to take me to that shore.” You don’t let the winds discourage you, and you don’t give up when the waves come. Nothing can stop your faith. This kind of faith always reaches the shore! It has never failed yet. That is the faith that goes through the storm, because it can’t be sunk.” Jesus speaking

USED batten down hatches

Period of Endurance

When it is time to get into the ship of endurance, you will know it. You will batten down the hatches and you will endure, knowing that the trial is but for a time, and afterward there is exceeding great reward, and that it works in you a far more precious result.” 2 Timothy 2:3-5




“A soldier does not have the luxury of deciding upon each new day whether he will fight or not. A soldier with that privilege is not fit to be in the war. Wake up in the morning‚ let the realization of the battle dawn on you suddenly, and without thought, get up and fight that battle.” 

Be importunate

“Doing all you can also means being willing to pray for something more than once, and sometimes many times. Sometimes you must be importunate in prayer, repeatedly asking and fighting for the answer until it arrives. Some situations require more than one prayer to bring the answer to pass.”



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