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Jesus knocking

Holman Hunt (English painter 1827-1910) painted the picture “Christ the Light of the World.” It is a painting of Christ in a garden at midnight, holding a lantern in His left hand. With His right hand He is knocking on a heavily paneled door. When the painting was unveiled, several critics were present. One critic detected what he thought was lacking, namely, a knob on the door. He said, “You haven’t finished your work.”
“It is finished,” said the artist.
“But there is no knob on the door,” protested the critic.
“Ah,” said the artist, “that is the door to the human heart. It can be opened only from the inside!”




About Us

If you’ve already been browsing our site you may have come across different thoughts, ideas and sayings that perhaps puzzled you. For example quite often we mention the “Words of David”, or Jesus as our Lover, Husband or intimate Friend, we talk about and use the Keys of the Kingdom all the time. In fact there may be a lot of “stuff” we discuss on our site that you’re not familiar with. Well this is because this blog site was designed for missionaries that were once part of an international missionary fellowship called TFI. So you might say this blog is kind of a “in house” publication. But that doesn’t mean you’re not welcome, in fact you are very welcome.

  We’ve opened this portal for you.

The very best way to get to know us is to get to know Jesus through a deeper more personal relationship, a relationship that just going to church or fellowship once or twice a week doesn’t give.  Filling your life with things the rest of the week won’t give it either, friends, money, vacations, you name it, they just don’t work the way Jesus works. The simple reason for this is because the things of this world only satisfy your flesh (temporarily). But Jesus can satisfy both, eternally. The principal is scriptural.

John 4:13, 14 Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinks of this water shall thirst again:  But whosoever drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

As we said earlier, you are most welcome to browse our blog site. However if you would like to go a little slower and get to know and experience the Jesus that perhaps you’ve never truly met and at the same time be brought up to speed with the unfamiliar topics on our site, then join our 12 Foundation Stones course. We don’t really like to call it a course; in reality it’s an adventure through, or into, the Word of God-Jesus! Getting into the Word is getting into Jesus, learning about and experiencing His Spirit, the vastness and depth of the Spirit of God, love! True love, God’s love is what truly satisfies that longing of every human heart. That is what the woman at the well in John 4 was looking for and that is what you  and I are searching for too.

We love you, because Jesus loves you! It’s as simple as that.

We’ve prepared an extensive series of introductory classes in PDF’s and Podcast format. (See links below) You don’t necessarily have to read or listen to them in order. If you prefer to browse and pick and choose topics of interest, please feel free to do so.




Foundation Stones-Preparatory Level 1

  Salvation and the Holy Spirit (PDF)

  Salvation and the Holy Spirit (PODCAST)


Foundation Stones-Preparatory Level 1

  The Endtime (PDF)

  The Endtime (PODCAST)


Foundation Stones-Preparatory Level 1

  The Life of Jesus and Bible Basics (PDF)

  The Life of Jesus and Bible Basics (PODCAST)


Foundation Stones-Preparatory Level 1

  A Personal Relationship with Jesus (PDF)

  A Personal Relationship with Jesus




1 |

  The Word of God-Treasures New & Old

1. About the Author  2. The Word the Word the Word  3. Memorization Revolution 4. Your Best Protection

2 |

  The Holy Spirit-Acts 1-4

1. Don Quixote  2. The Oil Lamp   3. Spirit of Love  4. Diamonds of Dust  5. Glamor or Glory 6. Lovelight

3 |

  Prayer-Principals, Practice and Communicating with God

  1. Operator  2. Prayer Power  3. Temple Time  4. Count Your Blessings  5. Heavenly Communications  6. Spiritual Communications

4 |

  Hearing from Heaven-How to Receive Prophecy

  1. Faith  2. It’s All So Simple  3. Stop Look & Listen  4. Go Slow  5. Squeeze Don’t Jerk 6.  Turn On & Tune In

5 |

  The Golden Rule-Success with People-Love

  1. Love is the Most Important Thing  2. Love Never Fails  3. Wise & Unwise Leaders  4. Declaration of Love  5. New Day of Love

6 |

  Bible Knowledge-Know the Book-Prophets and People

  1. Feet of Faith  2. Did God Make a Mistake  3. Who Deserves the Credit

7 |

  Bible Prophecy-Daniel 2-Signs of the Times

  1. To Know the Future  2. Be Faithful Unto Death  3. Refuge From the Storm

8 |

  The Greatest Love-Love of Jesus-Eternal Salvation

  1. Lover of All Lovers 2. My Heart Belongs to You  3. My Yoke is Easy  4. What Manner of Man is This  5. Born Again  6. Communion  7. Flesh or Spirit

9 |

Heaven-What It’s Like

  1. Flatlanders  2. What Heaven is Like  3. Run the Race  4. Staying Alive  5. When Morning Dawns

10 |

Witnessing-The Seven Steps

  1. Change the World  2. War of the Worlds  3. Witnessing  4. World Conquest Thru Love

11 |

Overcoming Problems-Part 1 & 2

  1. Attack Your Fears  2. Dumps  3. Fighters  4. But if Not  5. Beauty for Ashes  6. Hallelujah for Happiness 7.  Your Best Friend

12 |

Going God’s Way-His Standards and Will

1. Dare to be Different  2. Giving to God 3. Mountain Men  4. Choice 5. Follow God  6. God’s Chess Piece