prayer is active service

“Laboring in prayer, as the Lord has often referred to it, is actual spiritual labor.It requires a lot of self-discipline and concentration to focus your prayers, and to keep up that focus for any length of time. It requires desperation, and in order to be desperate, you have to be stirred up. So while the answer to the question of how to be more effective in prayer is very simple, the implementation is not easy. It requires a lot of work.” ( Art of War 4)

Light up your spiritual flamethrower


“In any run-in with Satan or his imps, his first tactic is to attempt to prevent you from praying, because once you pray‚ you turn the power on, you light up your flamethrower of the spirit, you initiate all the other spiritual weapons to work on your behalf.”

art of war

Satan tries to tell you that “it’s too much effort to reach for that switch to activate your defenses. It doesn’t really have an effect and you’re just wasting your time praying, so why do it?” Why do it? Because the single act of flipping that switch powers up the spiritual forces and begins the process of defeat for the Enemy.”

“Prayer is the fundamental fabric of the spirit world, and it is the framework of all the storehouses of the spirit. Prayer is the lifeline of the spirit world and the foundation for all action in My Kingdom. Prayer is as inseparable from your life as the air you breathe. Without prayer there would be no release of power, no spiritual energy, no action, no accomplishments, no miracles. Prayer is the critical ingredient to your spiritual life. Prayer is the action which creates action. Everything is dependent on prayer.

“Prayer is the building block of any defense or offense against the Enemy. If you don’t pray, you have no power‚ no answers‚ no miracles‚ no supernatural intervention. Prayer is the “on” switch for every spiritual action and intervention in your life.

The reason you’re not seeing more answers to prayer is because you’re not praying! Jesus doesn’t consider your little “ho hum, gotta rattle off a few repetitious lines here” attempts at prayer, to be prayer at all. What I’m talking about when I call prayer a weapon is meaningful prayers‚ where every word that leaves your lips is a curse upon Satan’s power, an affirmation of God’s power, and a powerful spell spoken with emotion which will bring the full force of His power down on Satan’s head again, and again, and again”! ( Art of War 4)


“You need to understand that prayer is the step you must take to get everything you desire and need from the spirit realm. If you don’t pray, god’s hands are tied. This is the rule that has been set in place. Unless you flip that switch, things aren’t going to happen”.

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