call on the keys

“It was a ­vision of a very powerful woman angel or spirit helper who was like part of the wind, kind of like a tornado or a hurricane or something, and part of her body was coming out of it.”

She was saying, “Call on the power of the keys. You have to say, ‘We call on the power of the keys.’ You have to say the words, ‘We call on the power of the keys for healing.’“




(Jesus speaking:) The woman you saw in your vision is a spirit of great power, a spirit of the wind and the air, a spirit of the whispering and pleadings of My Spirit. She is like unto the spirits portrayed as gods and goddesses of old in Greek and Roman mythology, but she is real and she exists today!

Because of her great love and sacrifice in pleading with both men and angels countless times, I have given her great power. Her power comes from her desire to see all life, humans and spirits alike, follow Me and walk aright.



Her name is Ellya [pronounced ELL-yah]. She has been in existence from almost the beginning of time. She has stayed close to My heart and My side, and has always pled My cause. During the time of the great division in Heaven, when ­Lucifer chose to leave My side and the calling I had entrusted to him, Ellya pled and reasoned with her fellow angels and spirits of the heavens to remain true and faithful. During the great confusion and the evil times of Noah’s day, she also pled with the world to forsake their sins and to turn to Me. This she has done through the ages, at  every turn, without ceasing….  Call on the Keys



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