Deeper Into Jesus

“When you asked Me into your heart, you gave Me leave to possess you and to inhabit every corner of your heart and spirit. I do. We’re inseparable. I’m inextricably linked to you, and you’re inextricably linked to Me. The connection we share is something the Enemy can’t even begin to understand, much less assault. So often you might feel that he does, but the spiritual plane where our spirits and hearts are merged as one is a plane that he can’t even begin to comprehend, much less access.”

“When you feel that he’s attacking your link with Me, telling you that you’re worthless or that I don’t love you, that you’ve messed up too much, when you feel that your mind and senses are being relentlessly bombarded with his thoughts and lies and fears and pictures, when you feel that you’re barely hanging on, or that the life of someone you love is at stake and you don’t know what to do‚ you must go deeper into Me.”

Jesus Christ

Son of God


Deeper into Jesus

“Are you caught in a seeming avalanche of problems? Did the once serene ski down the slope turn into a dangerous mass of snow that knocked you off your feet and sent you hurtling down the face of the mountain? Tumbling and turning, do you worry that this will be the end of you? It won’t be, if you hang in there! Don’t give up hope. Hold on in faith. Hold on to the belief that I, as ski patrol, have seen your plight. I know where you were last sighted, I can pinpoint where you were lost under the tons of snow. I’ll be there in an instant to rescue you. I will respond.”


“I know your state. I know that though you’re buried in snow and have lost sight of day‚ you have an air pocket that will keep you alive till I can rescue you. You just have to hold on; I’m coming. I’ll get you out of the mess. I’ll bandage your wounds. I’ll transport you down the mountain to safety. I’ll nurse you to full health. I won’t ever let you down.”

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