Key to Survival

“I found the first clue when growing up. I heard there was a God, that there was a way to get back to Him. I wanted that. I wanted to know there was a happy ending and home for good at the end of life’s road. I don’t regret taking the ticket that said the “Heaven Destination” on it, paid for and signed by Jesus Christ—the only sure way to get there. I was told that once you have this free pass; you can rest assured that no matter how hard the journey is, the destination will be worth the trouble.

But there was more to it than that, I’ve found out. Not more to do to get to the “Heaven station” but that, depending on the choices you make on the rough or smooth roads, your prizes when you get to the end of life’s road will vary.

Hmm. That’s worth a think, or more than one—it’s a daily decision and there’s decisive action to take. There’s something about showing up at life’s end with holding the ticket to free entrance, and also having a sack filled with the treasures you discovered along the way that were placed there specifically by the One who made the path and the people who walk it.”


Desiring Me by faith

Desiring Me By Faith a full 14 pg, color PDF (download here)

“And there is something for having another very empty sack. There is one sack you don’t want to show up with full—a life that was filled with hording and keeping things only for one’s own benefit, holding onto one’s own dreams when it would have been best to discard them in order to help others along the path.”



Stay By Me

“I heard there was a God, that there was a way to get back to Him.”





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