“War in the spirit carries no shame like the wars of the flesh. There is no shame in relishing the slaughter of Satan’s troops. There is no innocent blood to be found, so spill his with pride. Count it honor to give no quarter, and to be thought of as merciless in his camp..”

 Expect miracles with every word you pray

Expect miracles with every word you pray. Demand power with every word that enters your prayer.

“Pray meaningful, expectant, powerful prayers for everything. Slam your fist into that “on” switch and let it feel all the power you can muster. It was designed to take some real force‚ so use all the force and intent I have given you to throw that switch powerfully and watch Me take over.”

Desperation in prayer is the second most important factor in what makes a prayer powerful. The number one factor is faith—the belief that I can and will do it.

But this message is about desperation in prayer and why it matters so much that you really and truly want to see the answer to your request, and how you can demonstrate and achieve the proper level of desperation. The reason I require you to ask in prayer and strive in prayer is because you need to take an active part in the prayer process, for I have forbidden Myself to do it all for you.The way the rules of this Earth are set up, almost everything that you can do for yourself, you must do for yourself, and I’m not going to step in for you and do miraculously what you could do physically. Yes, you need to depend on My power, but that is after you have met and satisfied the conditions and circumstances that you are physically able to take care of. You have to come to the limit of what you can do, and you have to put the rest in My hands, before I can take over. Jesus

 We play key roles in the future of the world

Jesus is asking you to live more in the realm of the spirit‚ to be more alert‚ more careful and prayerful, more aware of all that is happening around you.

“Not merely in the physical world but in the spiritual world, where the greatest warfare of this day and age is taking place. Yes, you see famines and pestilences all around you. There are people enduring physical hardships and hunger because of the corruption of those who rule the world. But these struggles and battles are as nothing compared to the wars of the spirit that are being waged at this very moment for the hearts and souls of men, and the course of their future. It is these battles in which you play a key role, and in which the gift of rising above will count the most. And while the victories you win on this field will in turn provide you with the faith and direction to overcome and rise above the battles and difficulties of the physical realm, and usher you into the era of greater works and action, it is above all the battle of the spirit that must be fought and won first—as I had to first confront the Devil in the wilderness where I was tempted for forty days and forty nights before I could move on to the greater work of My public ministry.” Jesus speaking on desperation in prayer

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