Did Jesus ever marry?


Prophecy, Jesus speaking:

“Yes! I am married to those who believe in Me and receive Me into their hearts and lives! As far as being married on Earth, no, I wasn’t in the way you consider it, and I didn’t have any physical children. Yet, I do have a wife to whom I am devoted. You who receive Me are the bride of Christ; you are married to Me in spirit. The apostle Paul wrote: “You should be married to another–to Him who was raised from the dead, that we should bear fruit to God” (Romans 7:4). I love you as a faithful husband loves his wife. I will be there for you always, I vow–for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, and even death will not part us.” 


What is Jesus to you?

“Oh what tenderness I feel, what acceptance, what joy, when you call unto Me and when you say to Me, “I love You, I want You, I desire You, come in unto me!” For there are so few, so very, very few who feel this way about Me. Yet I would that all My children would feel this way, and would call unto Me in this way. Yes I am married to those that believe.”

The King who has everything

“As they yield to My request for their love, so will I yield to their requests, and so will I answer their prayers, their needs and their desires in an even greater way. For now I test and I purge, and there be many that struggle; but in that day, they shall know that it has been worth the fight, and I will bless them in great abundance for their love for Me, the King Who has everything, but Who seeks to be loved!” (End of prophecy.)

To be mightily used

“Jesus is waiting with outstretched arms to receive your love and bless you in return as never before!  He says, “If you wish to be stronger and stronger and stronger spiritually, you must come unto Me and let Me overflow you, overwhelm you, inspire you, lift you to the Heavenlies, to heights you have never known before! And I will use you even more mightily than you have ever been used!”

Learn to love Jesus intimately

“And as My children learn to love Me, to draw upon My strength, to put Me first, to call unto Me and to desire Me, so shall I pour forth unto them in great abundance all that they need, for I shall care for them as a king cares for his bride, his queen. I will pour forth great love and great anointing and great provision and great protection, for you shall need all of these things. And you shall know that you are the delight of your King and your Savior and your Lover and your Strength. And for this delight that you bestow upon Me, so shall I delight to give you all the desires of your heart, all the power that you need and all the strength that you seek.”

Power for the last days

“I will set you free. I will set your spirits free. Your hearts will no longer be earthbound, but will sail into My arms on the wings of prayer. There you can unburden every care that has come to burden your heart. Every trial, every battle that you’ve faced, you can unburden to Me and place within My hands, and let Me kiss your heart and cleanse it and purify it and send it once more back into the fray. The world asks did Jesus marry – I  say yes Jesus did marry and He is coming with open arms to collect His bride. ” (Loving Jesus Revelation)


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