Faith-For the impossible

The key element for effective prayers is faith. Im talking about faith thats so strong, so eager, so enthusiastic, so desperate, that it doesnt even really notice that its asking for and expecting something ridiculousby the standards of logic or practicality.

I love to prove Myself to you. Put Me on the spot today, and make it good. Give Me something hard, something impossible. Thatll be fun! I love doing the impossible. Its a chance for Me to show My love for you; a chance for Me to show off to youMy bride. So, come onI know you have lots of requests, but pick one and commit it to Me. Focus your prayers on that one thing and let Me get to work. Okay?

Gods men of old were few in number, but the prayers of a few, coupled with faithattacked the strongest and mightiest men and cities, over came the greatest oddsand reversed circumstances. Prayer is what enabled the men and women of faith to leave their mark on history, and prayer will enable you to leave your mark too, and to gain one of the most important titles availablea man or woman of faith.



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