eND TIME FAITH …. we are teaching angels

“Don’t let it surprise you that what you go through can teach lessons to those in My heavenly realm and inspire them. If Satan was able to persuade a third of the angels to follow him in rebellion against Me, it is obvious that even angels’ minds are not above changing, or at least persuasion. They aren’t weak, but they are not so sinless and perfect that they cannot be motivated and spurred on by a good sample that they see from someone in your realm. They know the difficulties you face in having to believe and take by faith what they see every day with their eyes.” (Jesus)

blind to failure or Defeat

“Remember, faith is blind to failure or defeat. Faith is also able to quench or withstand any attack of the Enemy. That means that real faith has within it the innate ability to not be moved no matter what the circumstances. Remember what I said to My disciples, that faith just the size of a tiny grain of mustard seed could actually move a mountain (Mat.17:20). That’s how strong faith is.”


End time faith ….make your stand

“Faith is actually a stand you make because of your belief. You take a stand of faith on some truth, based on My love and My Word. Your stance may not always be so sure. Maybe you’re “pretty sure” My Word works, but your faith is wavering a little in a particular situation that I put you in. My goal is often to strengthen your faith in My Word, so I must sometimes allow your faith to be tested.” (Jesus speaking)

indestructible steel

“Faith is the indestructible steel of the spirit world. Nothing can quench it‚ break it, or move it. But to become that strong, to actually have your faith grow into that indestructible substance, it has to be tried in the fire, just like steel, then put in the water, then put in the fire again‚ hammered, shaped into the type of faith you want‚ put in the water again, and back in the fire.”



trial by fire

“I try you in the fire to see what sort of stand you are going to make, allowing you to experience things to test your faith. When you make a stand of faith, I often turn up the heat a little bit, a little at a time, to see if you will ratchet up your faith accordingly.”

end time faith has to be gold faith

“You see, real gold faith does not give up. It may waver a little, you might be tempted to be fearful, but when all is said and done, there is a seed deep in the center of your heart, a deep stance that you are making. If you truly believe in Me and My Word, if this is the deep root in your heart and if this is the seed from which your entire life emanates, then it will survive the fire. Why? Because faith is immovable, indestructible, able to withstand any amount of heat, and able to quench and stop anything that is thrown at it. It’s as simple as that.”





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