Orchestrated Not Random Effort

 Amilda speaking:

A ray of light bursts through and you get the message. Now here we go.

Claim the keys of persistence to endure the long haul—then time will go by so much faster.

Hold them near to your heart, so you’ll run and not be weary, walk and not faint.

I have the golden encased keys of light to shine rays into your soul. Then from the light you can see clearly what you are to do and for whom.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the “people problem” of trying to solve this issue and the other, trying to improve things here and there. But if it’s not what you were fashioned to do and given the strength of life to do, then you’ll just be wasting time in a way.  It won’t really change much, and you’ll go through your life never hitting the mark you were meant to.

It’s so easy; it’s the easiest thing in the world to be overly people involved. But to pull back from the scene and give your Lord pre-eminence takes faith and humility too. For everyone wants to be a hero at some time or another. So, you do the humble thing by not taking part in filling some pressing need that you aren’t called to. You have faith that your Lord and Love knows all about it and has people (and angels) on the job doing what needs to be done. Pray, of course, but act? Well, that’s up to Jesus and you.

Just because someone’s situation is glaring you in the face doesn’t mean you are to do anything more than pray—unless you are led by His spirit to do so. You are easy prey if you only react to feelings and what is seen in front of you, rather than checking in with headquarters to see if it’s your call or not. For everything that you are heavily involved in means little time left for something or someone else. It’s a pick-and-choose life, as not everything can be tended to.

Don’t “knee jerk” to give attention to a seeming need you see or hear about. Let Jesus be your commander, so the war efforts can be precise. There can’t be soldiers running here and there fighting in the way they think, randomly. It’s all gotta be orchestrated, so your time and resources are used in the best way, and so the battle goes according to God’s plan.

You’ve got to walk wisely, especially these days when even little things could cost you more battles than you realize. Gird up the loins of your mind. Make your mind more willing to work than your hands. When you already have your hands filled with the Lord’s work, it’s time then to use your mind more in Heavenly combat.

“Open your mind to My mind,
and the voices of confusion, doubt, and darkness will disappear. The keys bring faith, and faith gives you access to My
heavenly thought power.”




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