you need to forgive

“The most important thing to understand is that this isn’t about the other person or party; this is about you. The reason Jesus asks you to forgive, no matter what the hurt, is not only because the other person needs your forgiveness, but because you need to forgive.”

“To allow these sins to flourish in your heart because harm has been done to you is to allow this negative event to harm your spirit and eventually ruin your life, if it is not stopped.”

forgive and renew

“Though you might feel justified for how you feel, and though you might have every “right” to feel as you feel, it doesn’t change the fact that anger, resentment, and hate are works of the Devil and, no matter how justified they may seem, they will cause sin and evil in your heart if allowed to continue there”

“Forgiveness is a vital antidote to the spread of poison in your spirit as a result of some wrong or evil that is done to you. Only forgiveness stops the advance of sorrow, sin and negativity through your life.”

Kingdom keys are many and varied, you just need to look into the spirit

positive change

“Forgiveness immediately begins to work as an agent of positive change–one which can, in time, reverse all the damage and set everything right again. “        ( Forgive and Renew )

“Forgiveness is the key that helps the wrong of another not to become your wrong as well, and that saves your heart and spirit from damage, regardless of what other damage you have sustained.”



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