Giving up gained ground is not in the game plan. The things that are happening in the world right now; lockdowns, more control to enforcement agencies; police, financial, health, immigration; fear being used as a tool to control the masses.. show us that the political map the world has followed for years is being rewritten. Democracy is being slowly phased out and replaced with dictatorial policies, that are  “for the safety and wellbeing of the people”. Do not be surprised if the right to choose who governs will soon be a thing of the past. The Corona tool has been well used to gain much growth in One World governance circles. Much like a football game; hard fought for ground is held onto at all costs; that is cost to the other side not theirs. The world is being deliberately and purposefully moved in one direction. For thousands of years the books of Daniel and Revelation have forewarned us of a 7th and final World empire that would rise to power immediately before the second coming of Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself said to watch for the signs of the times, look to the books of Daniel if you are to know the truth. Paul said that the man of sin would arise during a time of great apostasy.

Tighter controls will come, ground gained will not be given back, vaccination or certificate of health or whatever they call it is only a means to tighten the strings. No man will buy or sell save he that has the mark simply means control of the world economy through electronic banking. Which means those justified by faith in Jesus will have to live by faith in not too distant future.”

Giving Up Ground



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