weaponizing prayer

You become masters in prayer by putting forth the effort to put on God’s mind.

You have to close your carnal mind and open your spiritual one to make the most of your prayers

“Through prayer you are targeting the attacks of the Enemy, and that is why it’s so important to aim right. You have to close your carnal mind and open your spiritual one to make the most of your prayers. In the physical you don’t always see the target—the demon or sudden attack of the Enemy. But when you know of a problem and you lift that bow and point your arrow in the right direction‚ your spiritual vision is increased. You shut your one eye, like shutting out the things that would distract you from fully focusing on your prayers and hitting the target. And when you have it right‚ you release the arrow, and it hits its target.”Art of War part 4

Heavenly communication …..an arrow

“You on Earth are called prayer warriors when you wield the weapon of prayer. We in Heaven are called miracle warriors, miracle deliverers when we help answer your prayers. You pray the prayers, and thus you wield the weapon of prayer. We, the ones who help to bring your request to pass at the behest of our Lord and King, are your miracle workers. We work to bring to pass the will of God through your prayers, through your desperation, and through your importunity and faithfulness in prayer.” Action Through Prayer

In order to be most effective in prayer, you can’t be thinking about how tired you are or how uninspired you may feel. You have to set all feelings and possible difficulties aside and focus on the battle of prayer that you must fight and win. You must be willing to give it all you’ve got, whether you’re praying for five minutes, for half an hour‚ or even if it’s for a couple of seconds. You have to be completely “there” in the spirit, completely focused on your hand-to-hand combat with the Devil and his minions. Art of War 4


“When God makes the call and He plugs it into your mind, then you think about that person. But then you have to plug it in and send it on its way to that person. And of course, also, on the other end of the line‚ when the phone rings, they have to pick it up and they have to listen and receive the call.”

                                                              Heavenly Communication  is like a switch board in the old telephone system

Heavenly communication is like a phone call

You’re almost like the exchange. And God sends the main call from His Spirit to your mind. And then you have to make the connection to send it on to the party that needs to receive it. But if you just think about them and you just cut it off, it’s just like you’re turning the phone off on God!

It’s like when He’s trying to make a phone call and He gives you the number and you put it through. He tells the operator—you’re the operator. God is the one that’s calling, and He tries to put it through you because He wants to show you what love really is.

“At last!” she said. “At last!” he echoed solemnly, bowing his head. That was a: scene of great dramatic power, and no doubt of great joy, and is but a mere suggestion of what will actually take place in Heaven when the Christian who has been walking through this world of trial and sorrow, shall see Him face to face. Streams March 27


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