Praise Prayer

Darling of my life, my most ardent, unfailing Husband; the one who watches out for me always, even though sometimes I say You’ve forgotten me in my most trying times; in my pain. How silly of me to say such things. You are all around me and in me and do so many wonderful things for me. Your love is never-ending and so sweet and adorable. You have never left me alone. It was me that couldn’t see the truth in my darkness.  You give me so many precious moments of joy with You when You reveal secrets and when You are finally able to open my heart and I ‘see’ what You are doing in my life. Those moments are the most wonderful highs in the spirit and mean so much to me. They are highlights and gems of special worth. I hold them dear and soar in the spirit. They bring me back to You. They are just the best, Jesus. Thank You so much. They open my eyes to a little glimpse of what it’s all about, and they keep me going even though the way is long and slow.  In these special moments, You fill me with love for You afresh and I want to please You  again, love You more and do more for You.  I want to be who You want me to be. I love that Jesus. I don’t want to miss a thing, Jesus. I don’t want to miss what you are doing in my life; because if You’re doing it, then You’re doing it because I need it. You are loving Me through these difficult trials and lessons. You are doing it because You love me. You have a plan and purpose for my life, and I need his pain to make me who You created me to be. I see that now, my Love. Thank You for enduring with me all this time and putting up with my kicking and bucking, my hesitation and resistance. You saw my heart, and You knew I didn’t want to miss anything You had for me. Help me to not mind the painful parts but embrace all the highlights of Your love showered on me and how You are changing me and making me a better, more useful, loving vessel for You.

I don’t want to miss the melody that You’ve been singing over me, that You’ve been singing all around me.

Your touch is a wondrous surge

 Your touch is a lingering kind

I’m a child reaching up; put Your hand in mine

Swing me round; I want to fly.

I don’t want to miss it.

I don’t want to miss one thing.

“What was the one defining feature I gave My disciples so long ago? “By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, if ye have love.”



Vessel of your love

“Key power finds its surest dwelling place and its greatest power in the heart and spirit of the humble.”





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