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“Impossible is more than a word; it’s a state of mind‚ an attitude. If you don’t nip it in the bud, but instead you feed and cultivate it, it will become an integral part of you, until there is no remedy. Its hold can be seductive‚ for when you yield to it, then no action or effort is required; no overcoming is necessary, for “it’s impossible.” This attitude leads not to victory but to defeat. Those who let it take hold will soon find that if they can be defeated in one area‚ they will be defeated in another, and yet another, and another‚ and another.”

Impossible is more than a word; it’s a state of mind‚ an attitude.

“Impossible is a vicious cycle. It’s the modus operandi for the loser.It thrives in the hearts of those who are heedless of its dangers; it breaks down noble aspirations, shoots down high goals, and shatters dreams. Impossible is a thief in the night, robbing you of courage, zapping you of bravery, while all the while it stands mocking, cackling in laughter when you falter and give way to its erroneous ways. Impossible, in short, renders one useless, as it leaves its prey a laughingstock in the eyes of the impish pests that spread its woes.” Nothing is Impossible


all things are




“Where is the first place we look to find the Will of God?–The WORD!”


“Did you know that you can read the Word, but hardly get anything out of it? People can sometimes read passages over & over & it just doesn’t sink in. The Bible says, “The NATURAL man receiveth NOT the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him, neither can he know them, because they are SPIRITUALLY discerned.”–1 Corinthians. Unless we read the Word in a PRAYERFUL & RECEPTIVE attitude, looking to the Lord & His Holy Spirit for guidance, it can be very difficult for us to understand some things.” The Word The Word The Word

How to have faith

“If you don’t consistently feed your faith, you’ll soon drop out of the running—and that by your own doing, because of your own neglect. You must live in the Word, both by taking time to read the written Word and also by asking Me everything, listening to My living voice of prophecy, and waiting for My approval in all you do.” Jesus

“Where is the first place we look
to find the Will of God?–The WORD!”


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