Behold, I have given him for a witness to the people, a leader and commander to the people.

Yes, My David has been given as a leader and a witness to the people of this world. But it’s like the parables that I told while I was on earth. I sent my servants to the wicked men who were supposed to be keeping the vineyard and they mistreated them and cast them out. So has this world done with My dear servant David. Many have maligned him and rejected the Words that I gave through him. It’s all because they didn’t want to heed the call. They didn’t want to give all. So when they turned their backs on the Word, they were sent strong delusion, and they no longer see things right.

But that doesn’t matter. Up here in the real world, David is a leader and a commander of My troops in My powerful army of the End. All that Word that he poured out is like their blood, it’s their power, and it’s their weapon. Those Words are real things; they wield power, both in your world and the world of the spirit. Even for you there on earth, the Words of David are a part of your spirit. They are your strong foundation; they are the lifeblood of your spirit. Even the Words of Maria and the prophecies that followed are still part of the “Words of David”. They were a continuation of the flow. And now you continue to receive fresh and new “Words of David”. So this “Word,” this flow, is indeed the power, and light and life force of My Endtime army, both the army of the spirit world, and you, my army that fights down there in the realm of the flesh. You have a special calling and you have not despised it. You are called to be David’s fighters there on earth –in the realm of the mud and the dirt and the flesh.

Isaiah 55:4


“You don’t get big responses or a big following, but still you are faithful. You are those who fight on in faith, calling to a nation that you know not.”



You Begin The Charge

Do you want Jesus to return? Then your part is as it has always been.





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