God’s Higher Ways

“I did have a public ministry at times, when people flocked to Me because they were curious to see miracles or to get a free lunch, after they heard about My miracle of the loaves and the fishes. However, there were many times when My ministry was the quiet ministry of a teacher, just ministering to those who needed to hear My Words and training My disciples to carry on after I was gone. All the popularity was fleeting, and what lasted was the Word that I had sown. It was the teaching and the ministering that ended up bearing fruit in the lives of My disciples and that caused them to change the world and reach millions with My truth.-Humble beginnings, greater ends.

You see, My Father had a marvelous plan for Me, as I have for you. Through My life and ministry, humble‚ simple, and short-lived as it seemed, God has worked in countless millions of lives through the centuries. He has been glorified, and many have been drawn to Him, because I was willing to be despised and rejected of men. I simply obeyed what God told Me to do, despite the fact that the educated men of My day looked down on My methods. Many wanted to crown Me king and wanted Me to deliver them from the bondage of the Romans, but it was not to be. They wanted to become a great, powerful, rich nation, with Me ruling over them, but God had a greater vision and plan. 

(to be continued…this and following blogs are part of a series of prophecies received about events in Jesus’ life on earth that were not recorded in the Bible.

Jesus’ Life On Earth


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