Right time and place

I knew I had a mission-that of saving you-and this spurred Me on. My stakes were high‚ as your stakes are high. I knew that in My frail human hands I held great power, for I held the truth of Heaven. In My human hands was the future of mankind, and this awesome realization kept Me going and desperate to obey My Father’s voice, and as I did, I learned and grew in wisdom and in stature.

I was different from others, and this was obvious to those who were of understanding. I was the Light. “The light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not” (John 1:5). You, My children, are also different from those of the world, for I fill you with the light of My Spirit. As a city set on a hill, My light in you cannot be hid. I came to Earth on a mission from My Father in Heaven to bring the light to others‚ just as I send you, My children, on a mission to tell others of the glories of My Heavenly Kingdom that is soon to come on Earth.

I was a man of sorrows because I grieved over the corruption and perversion that reigned in the world. I grieved for the lost and the lonely and the needy in spirit. But at the same time, I rejoiced, for I had the light of Heaven in My heart. I was sorrowful, yet always rejoicing, for I knew the glories of Heaven and I knew that what My Father was asking of Me was worth every ounce of sacrifice required on My part.”

(to be continued…this and following blogs are part of a series of prophecies received about events in Jesus’ life on earth that were not recorded in the Bible.


Mosaic of Jesus

Jesus’ Life On Earth


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