strength in stillness

“There is great strength in stillness, for “in quietness and in confidence lies your strength” (Isaiah 30:15b). My children, do not take lightly the great importance of this wisdom, for indeed it is of great worth.

I had to pass time in prayer and in communion with Heaven, seeking My Father diligently, in order to receive His anointing‚ His holy consecration, the infilling of His power and strength for each and every major task I was faced with.

Why did I have to pass this time in prayer and in meditation, alone and in quiet? Because in Me, that is, in My flesh, I could not win the battle. The flesh was not capable of winning the battle in spirit; therefore, if I was to win, I had to have this time. I had to receive the anointing in spirit first. Only through this time alone with My Father was I able to receive the full strength in spirit that only He could give, to win the battle.

The battles I fought, though manifested in the flesh‚ were battles in the spirit, just as your battles in this End time, though manifested in the flesh all around you, are battles in spirit, and thus they must be won in the spirit. The only way I could win My battles was to draw on the strength of Heaven, and this could best be done by starting out in prayer and in supplication to My Father for the anointing and the power to carry on.

When I walked on Earth, having this time alone with My Father in prayer and supplication for My needs was the only way I was able to find success, for in My flesh I did not have strength. This private time to win the battle in spirit first is what caused Me to triumph‚ and so it is with you, My children. It was in these times alone with My Father that I was able to give Him My full, undivided attention; likewise, in these times I was able to receive more fully from Him, without the distraction and disturbances of others around. The servant is not above the Master‚ My children, and if it was necessary for Me when I walked in the flesh, so it is necessary for you.”

(to be continued…this and following blogs are part of a series of prophecies received about events in Jesus’ life on earth that were not recorded in the Bible.

Jesus’ Life On Earth


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