working with the father

You may assume that being able to hear from My Father was a completely natural thing for Me, that it was just second nature to Me, a part of My makeup, because I was the Son of God come to Earth. But that wasn’t the case. It was very much something I had to get desperate about and work at. The Enemy fought it tooth and nail; it was an intense fight in the spirit and didn’t come easy.

Does it seem odd to you that I wasn’t always able to hear My Father’s voice automatically and without any obscurity whatsoever? What you have to understand is that My Father had to allow Me to feel somewhat disconnected from Him at first, because connecting had to be something that I had to learn how to do, something that I had to fight for. I had to take on your nature and experience your weaknesses to understand the difficulties you’d be faced with, so that I could help you overcome them.

I was working with My Father, just as you work with Me today. I had to tap into His power. I couldn’t do it on My Own; I didn’t have all of the wisdom of Heaven with Me by osmosis, just as you don’t today. I had to ask for it, I had to suck for it, I had to be yielded to receive it, just as you have to do today.

When I came to Earth‚ I underwent a sort of memory wipe. I couldn’t have gone through what I needed to go through, and have learned what I needed to learn in order to be your High Priest, if I had been all-knowing at the time and had never needed My Father’s help, and had never felt what it was like to be in need of answers, guidance, and instruction. I had to go through what you go through.

Of course, it eventually came easier to hear from Heaven once I learned what steps to take in order to break through in spirit and receive. But even when I became proficient in it‚ there were times when the answer or direction didn’t come in an instant, when it was still a battle to receive‚ and it wasn’t just “all clear” the moment I asked.”

(to be continued…this and following blogs are part of a series of prophecies received about events in Jesus’ life on earth that were not recorded in the Bible.

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