receiving god’s guidance

How was I able to know what the right decision was in each situation, and then make that decision?-By making listening to My Father the cardinal and unbreakable rule in My life. Every action I took, each choice I made‚ was the right one, the humble one, the perfect one, because it was the one My Father wanted Me to make.  Although being faithful to ask Me about everything may seem difficult and impractical to you, what you need to realize is that it doesn’t have to be a long and in-depth process every time. The Spirit is broadcasting all the time-all you have to do is learn to turn on and tune in. Doing so is vital to the success of your personal mission on Earth, just as it was to Mine.  Of course, learning to hear clearly from Heaven sometimes takes time and practice. It doesn’t always come easily; it requires discipline and concentration in order to focus and to receive, and it can sometimes be a real fight in the spirit. It was for Me; that was something I had to get desperate about and fight for too. What do you think I was doing those 40 days and nights after I was baptized by John, other than being tempted by the Devil? (See Luke 4:1-13.) I was getting desperate with My Father and learning to tap into His strength and Spirit. I was learning how to hear from Him; I was learning and practicing the art of full possession.”

(to be continued…this and following blogs are part of a series of prophecies received about events in Jesus’ life on earth that were not recorded in the Bible.

Jesus’ Life On Earth

Jesus sees all


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