keys to the future …they enable you to rise above

“That is the power given to you through the keys. If you are desperate for a change in your life, for more fruit in your witnessing ministry, or for a miracle of whatever kind, if you will call on the keys of the Kingdom to enable you to rise above, you will gain a victory the likes of which you have not known before.” (Rising Above)

the possessor of victory

“The Keys are meant to harness the spiritual forces of Heaven to fight with you and for you. They are given so that you might not only vaguely sense a form of victory‚ but so that you might know beyond a shadow of doubt that you are the possessor of victory.” (Rising Above)


don’t forget to use the keys to rise above

 “Rising above is a matter of the spirit; it doesn’t mean self-effort and striving to overcome things in your own flesh. It means being fully yielded and surrendering yourself fully to the power of My Spirit.” (Prophecy)

time for the power

“Now is the time for the power of the keys. All that I have taught you and shown you in My Word over the years can be completely fulfilled through the power of the keys. Because you have this power, you have no excuses left for not believing, doing, or living any of what I have shown you. You have no reason to hold back from doing anything that I ask of you. There is nothing to hold you back or weigh you down–nothing but lack of faith or unwillingness to yield.” (Rising Above)



reserved for the hungry

“The keys of the Kingdom and the concept of rising above are reserved for those who study My Words and apply them. I will fill the hungry with good things‚ but they must have a vacuum. It’s almost like a secret treasure, which is reserved for those who will hunt, seek, find the clues, interpret them, search, keep searching and trying, and then will be blessed with the great reward of their faith.”

Keys to the Future  Matthew 16:19

“But this is where I have given you the power to overcome. Even if you couldn’t before, you now have the keys of the Kingdom, and there is nothing on Earth or in Hell that can withstand their power. You have access to that power at any time you need it. It’s part of My free gift to you, and you can claim it as yours.” ( Keys to the Future  Matthew 16:19 )