USED Key of Power

Seeking the inner Workings of The Keys



“In short, living the life of a disciple means living the Word–whatever Word you have available to you, whatever knowledge and training I’ve given you, that’s what I hold you to. That’s why the keys can work for those who know very little or are babes in Me, if they are using everything they know and are living it. That’s what determines whether or not you’re living the life of a disciple.”



(Jesus:) I am the Creator of the keys; they are in essence an extension of Me and My power. Many of them I have created or perfected especially for you, My Endtime brides. They’re tailored to the specific needs you face in this day and age, and are specially designed to counter the Enemy’s weapons and attacks against you.
Although many are already perfectly made and formed and ready for your use, I don’t limit Myself to that. If there is a situation in which you feel the need for a specific key, don’t hesitate to call on it whether you think it exists or not–because if it doesn’t exist already, the moment you call on it‚ it’s made for you!
So, basically, the answer to your question is yes–there is a key for everything! More keys than you could ever call on are in existence for you already, and if you need a new one‚ or one that’s more specifically tailored to a particular situation, don’t hesitate to call on its power, knowing that I am the Creator of the keys, and also your Husband who anticipates and loves to provide your exact needs, and I’ll see to it that you have precisely what would do the trick in your situation.

(Jesus:) I confirm to you again, the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven were primarily for My early disciples who walked with Me on the Earth, and for you‚ the children of David. This is because I knew you would not only need them, but have the faith to use them.
I have not withdrawn the keys from those who needed them or had the faith to use them. Some Christians through the ages have accessed the keys when they have had the need and the faith‚ but this has only been in part–they could only access a certain amount of power. One reason they could not access the full power is that they did not call specifically on the keys, saying the words, “I call on the keys,” or “I release the power of the keys of the Kingdom.” Nor did they call on specific keys, saying, “I call on the key of faith” and so on. Therefore they were limited in their use of the keys, in part because of lack of knowledge of how to use them.
They were aware that I said, “I give you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven–and this means I give you power to bind on Earth and to loose on Earth.” But they did not seek to know the inner workings of the keys, to know how to use the keys, to know all the keys by name, and to know the full strength of their power. This has been veiled from mankind until this time, for it was not for them to know.

(Mysterious Keys, The – Part 3 [#3599-1])






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