married to jesus …preparation for his return

Behold, I come into you with My Words to love you, to ravish you, to squeeze and to hold and to kiss and to caress! Behold, as you call unto Me in the bed of love, crying out for Me, so I come in unto you, and so I love you, and so I caress you, and so I give unto you My Words. (Jesus)

Talking to Jesus

every moment of every day

I want to be one with you, in you every moment of the day.–To be with you, to speak with you, to love you, to guide you, to strengthen you, to whisper in your ears the Words of Love and direction that you seek. And I am here and I will be with you always, for My Love for you is so great. (Loving Jesus Part 1)


falling in love with jesus

The Lord says that He wants to love us with a love that we have never before known! This implies that there is much more to come in our relationship with Him, that we can fall more deeply in love with Him, and that we can become one with Him in a way that we have not been previously. (Maria Fontaine)

Jesus holding the world in His hands

we are so small…fall on the source of power

If you understood the power and the might of God, you would more greatly understand how nothing you are. And you would truly understand how great and how wise you could be if you were filled with Me, and the depths of the wisdom that you can have when you tap into Me, the Source of all wisdom and the Source of all knowledge and the Source of all power.–He that knoweth the future, He that is all-seeing, the All-Knowing! (Loving Jesus Part 1)



commune with god

“But this is only found in communion with Me–in the communion of praise, in the communion of prayer, in the communion of My Word. And this is only found in the quietness–in the quietness of spirit, in the quietness of self, in the quietness of prayer and praise and the seeking of Me and My Word.”

meditating on Jesus

in quietness will your strength be found

You cannot receive the full power and the full love and the full wisdom that you need unless you take time in the quietness, seeking Me and praising Me. For there are so many things to be done, and they are always there, and it is a constant temptation to hurry, a temptation to push ahead, a temptation to accomplish. But I say unto you, in quietness and confidence shall your strength be. For it is in the quietness that you will hear the still small voice of God speaking to you, saying, “This is the way, walk ye in it.” (Married to Jesus)




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