mind wars …and the great deception

“Since Satan’s domain is the world as you know it, he has dominant control over much of the world and its influence. The media and the entertainment of the world all mirror his propaganda, for the most part. This aids him in shaping the minds of the masses, starting from a very young age, and these mindsets become very hard to alter and break. People become stuck in a rut, a habit, and they are comfortable. They become less discerning of spiritual things, because Satan does his best to keep people bound on an earthly plane. Everything he does has a purpose, and it all ties together in keeping his slaves in subjection to him and his plan.”

this is the nature of man

“Sadly, because the heart of man since the fall is naturally sinful, it is often easier to persuade a person in the direction of wrong than right. It’s easier for a person to become skeptical, cynical and unbelieving than for someone to become full of faith‚ trusting, and accepting.“(Issues Part 16)


the matrix is Deceiving you

“It’s kind of like those characters in the movie “The Matrix.” When they would go into the matrix, they could do things that other people could not. It wasn’t because they were so special, or even had special power per se. It was because their eyes had been opened, and they realized that the trap that had gotten everyone else was not even reality. It took effort and it was certainly a fight, but they knew they could overcome, because they knew that the danger and power of evil wasn’t as bad as it looked, that things that appeared did not have to be.” (Issues Part 16)


we are bought with a price

“Beware of the liberalist mindset that is a part of the spirit of the world that constantly tells you that you don’t need someone telling you what to do or what’s right or wrong, that you are your own master and have the right to think and act and believe as you choose. While God has chosen to give His children a substantial amount of personal freedom, the essence of your Christian life comes back down to the fact that “you are not your own, but you are bought with a price.”



open minded

“For all your talk of being open-minded, sometimes you can be pretty closed-minded. When you hear about something or are asked to do something and you conclude in your own mind that you disagree or that you won’t do it, what does that say for a sense of fairness and justice and giving all sides a chance? Not much! Sometimes your supposed “principles” are only things you put to use when they suit you. Sometimes your supposed open-mindedness is just liberalism, or more akin to anarchism–just wanting to do something or allow something because it keeps you from feeling closed in, not because you believe it’s really the right thing.”

the ante has been upped in these last days

 “As one of My children, you have a measure of protection against the Enemy and his attacks. But you must also do your part to keep your shield up, to resist him, to not give or allow him entrance. You have to walk in the center of My will. You have to obey the conditions I have laid out for you to avail yourself of My full protection. In these Last Days, the ante has been upped in the spirit world, and I have given you new weapons with which to keep the Enemy at bay, as part of your protection. If you’re not using them, then he has a chance to attack you.”(Issues Pt. 16)