Mysterious Keys Matthew 16:19  key to end time power

(Jesus speaking:) The power of the keys is a spiritual phenomenon, a mystery, a reality. The keys are a part of Me; their power and My power are the same, just like the Word is a part of Me and prayer is a part of My Spirit. All the spiritual weapons are in some way a part of Me, an extension of My Spirit, something I give you to help you fight the spiritual warfare and stay connected to Me. (Mysterious Keys Pt. 1)

every prayer is heard

I’ve told you that every prayer is heard and answered. This is true. Even though you don’t always see the results of every answer right away, they are answered in My way and in My time. When you pray in My Name and claim My promises, you have My power at your disposal to work for you, to do miracles, open doors, whatever you’re praying for. Even though you might not always see the immediate fruit of claiming My Word, it stands firm and is true. (Prophecy Jesus speaking)


sometimes bad things happen why?

“Ask Me to explain the reasons why I allow something “bad” to happen in your life. If you pray specifically for a good night’s sleep and claim the keys–and then you don’t sleep well–that doesn’t automatically mean the keys aren’t working for you. Ask Me about it, ask Me why I allowed that situation to happen, and I’ll explain it to you. Maybe I want to speak to your heart in the quiet of the night, or guide your thoughts, or convict your heart about something. Sometimes I want you to pray about something. I’ll show you the reason for everything I allow if you ask Me.” (Mysterious Keys Part 1)

learning to fight from the teacher

“I choose not to guard you from every single thing in life, because if I did, then you wouldn’t learn and grow in the spirit, and you wouldn’t learn how to fight in the spirit and use your spiritual weapons. I have to allow some “bad” things to happen so that your faith will grow and your use of your spiritual weapons will be sharpened more quickly.” (Prophecy)



life teaches valuable lessons

“It might seem odd to you that I don’t choose to protect you from every possible hurt or negative experience‚ especially when My promises indicate that I will, but remember that it’s often the deep, dark experiences of life that teach you the most valuable lessons. If I were to protect and keep you from every negative thing, then you would be in Heaven and not on Earth.” ( Mysterious Keys Matthew 16:19 )

Earthly keys are a shadow of the Keys of the Kingdom that can be used to open the veil between our worlds

without their power more bad things happen

“The power of the keys is a spiritual weapon that I have made available to My children who live in the physical world. Without their power a lot more “bad” things would happen, but because you pray and specifically claim their power you have much greater protection and help from the spirit.” (Mysterious Keys Part 1)

All quotes in Mysterious Keys are taken from the article mysterious keys Part 1, see link below for more on this fascinating subject


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