positive takes faith

“One of the biggest problems and traps of negativity is that you feel like you deserve to be negative about yourself, and it’s not so bad, because you have this and that reason to be negative.”

 “You feel like you have this and that problem‚ or some other thing that may actually have a basis of truth in the physical. So you begin feeling negative about yourself, and indulge in thoughts of self-pity and worthlessness, thinking that you’re fully justified in doing so.”



negative nothing

“But then those thoughts lead to more. You begin being negative about one thing, and before you know it you’re negative about almost everything in your life, and absolutely nothing is positive anymore. One thing leads to another, and negativity spreads and grows like a virus.”

“Coming to grips with your bad habits of pessimism and where you’ve gone wrong is the only way to fix those things and to change them for the better.”


cast your cares

“Why don’t you cast your cares on the Lord more often? He tailor-made your crosses–the ones that you were meant to carry–and you know what those are. So don’t go around making more for yourself by denying the Lord the pleasure of being able to work through you and use you to the full‚ and in turn heap on you the joy and touches of His love that He longs to give you”…..  (Negative nothing)

“Being empowered by My Spirit is much more important than possessing earthly talents‚ skills or know-how. So trust Me, and know that I can do anything through you. It’s not unrealistic to expect great things from Me, because I will come through for you. I promise.”




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