bride of christ …. our heavenly Lover

“I am as a Lover who waits in the side room.” “For I say unto you, seek first the Kingdom of God, the arms of your true Lover.” “And you can then tell them of Me, of your Lover.” It should not be surprising that the Lord would call Himself our Lover, as in the Word He calls the Church–us and all those who are joined to Him through Salvation–His Bride. And of course a bride and bridegroom–a husband and wife–should be lovers! (Loving Jesus Part 2)

Honeymoon with Jesus

heavenly bridegroom

“Marriage is a type of the spiritual union of the believing Bride with Christ”. Also, that “God in His wisdom has created this sexual union, this husband and wife relationship, this lover and loved intercourse, to be a marvelous picture, an illustration in the physical of your spiritual relationship with Him and your union with your Heavenly Bridegroom!” (Our Heavenly Lover)


have you ever been in love?

 “Have you ever been in love before?” He said, “Oh yes! I was very much in love with my wife!” So I asked, “Did you ever have a very close and dear friend?” “Yes, I have,” was his reply. So then I asked, “What was the difference in your relationship with your wife and that of your friend?” “Well,” he replied, “I really liked my friend and I enjoyed his company, but I craved my wife’s companionship and I longed to be with her all the time.” (Maria Fontaine)

Loving Jesus in spirit

so why not jesus?

That’s really something to think about, isn’t it? Although Jesus doesn’t mind being our friend, and in fact likes to be our friend, He wants to be more than that! He wants us to love Him with all our heart and all our soul and all our mind and all our strength!–With everything there is within us! If we love Him this way we won’t just think of Him as a friend, but He’ll be our lover as well. (Maria Fontaine)



draw nigh unto god

I love your love! I love your kisses and your caresses! I love the sweet things that you whisper in My ear. I love your desire for Me. The more that you desire Me, the more I desire you. For as I have said, draw nigh unto God and He will draw nigh unto you. And as with a lover, when you say you want them, and you say you want to be with them, and you kiss them and caress them, and so they desire to be with you, to remain with you and become married unto you, so it is with Me. (Loving Jesus Part 2)

Safe in our Lovers arms

knock on the bedchamber door

And think it not strange, for have I not said there are brides with oil and brides without? Those that are without do not come into the bedchamber. So knock, knock on the bedchamber door. Come, come into My room. Seek Me and you will find Me, ask Me and I will be there. For they that love Me most follow closest, and they who love Me most show Me the most love. And they that love Me shall have the most of Me. (Loving Jesus Part 2)

All quotes in Our Heavenly Lover are taken from the article Loving Jesus Part 2, see link below for more on this fascinating subject

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