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About our videos: All videos on this page were arranged or produced by Mystical Bible. The music  and many of the scenes are borrowed material. However our very latest videos were produced under inspiration by our teenagers; i.e. Revelation 21 and 22 and In Sight of the Stadium. We pray you enjoy, but more importantly are spiritually fed through this series of videos. MB


RELEASED: JUNE 22, 2020… Is a must see video if you are interested in Endtime events. This video was produced over one year ago and exposes who the Antichrist is and where he originates from. There is no reason for You Tube’s age restriction stamp on this video, it is simply the enemy’s resentment to being exposed. MB


RELEASED APRIL 04, 2020…This video opens with a short rendition of Isaiah 35 and then goes on to explain the deeper meaning and purpose for the Keys to the Kingdom. Jesus said of the Keys: “This gift isn’t for the strong; it’s for the weak–those who feel incapable, at the end of their rope, weak in themselves, and without the power, know-how, or talents to make it. This is a necessary gift of My love for you, My precious, faithful brides. This gift will be manifested in great ways in those who have no strength in themselves, who feel unworthy–the humble, the meek, the weak–because you will lean completely on Me and trust in My power to deliver each time. This is an active gift–a living, pulsating, spiritual gift. As you walk by faith, the doors will open before you, the waters of difficulty will part, the mountain of impossibility will be scaled. God bless you as the Keys become your indispensable ally in these last days. Keys to the Kingdom ML #3318


RELEASED: MARCH 24, 2021…NWO is an abbreviation for New World Order. This video gives insight into why Covid was introduced world-wide. The video also suggests that the mark of the beast (666) is an inserted scanable microchip that travels the blood stream making it possible to read “your number” via hand or forehead. The video also  presents a way through the Tribulation of these days we now live in. The following prophecy is what the Lord said about the days we are now in. “Did I not say that there would be plagues and pestilences, that the time of the end would be a time of great distress of nations and that fear would cause the heart of man to fail? Yes My loves, this is the time of the end and this is a time of great testing. I have put into the hearts of My children enhanced faith. I said that this gift must be activated, it must be exercised it must be tested. You My loves must be refined in the fires of tribulation. This is not a time to deliberate on what is what and who is who, but it is a time of drawing closer to Me, of pulling out the warm vibrant Keys of Faith and of Great Desire for Me. I am all you have in this world. The arm of flesh will fail you, the world will run into its system, but you My loves will run into Me. Love not the world neither the things of this world, for the things of this world will destroy your faith. My Children of David, My prophets of the end fear not the things that must come upon the earth. For I come with a fan in My hand and I will fan the fires of tribulation. Man has turned his back on Me, his only salvation, and has instead trusted in the arm of the usurper. “


RELEASED: MAY 16, 2021…A beautiful rendition of life in the Heavenly City as  told by John the Apostle…the producers followed the King James Version of Revelation 21 to illustrate what we might expect upon entering the City of Light. This video is a light and hope in the darkness of this devil created illusory  world.


RELEASED: DECEMBER 27, 2021…It is far later than many would think or even want to believe. The tribulation spoken of in Matthew 24 is the last lap before Jesus returns. This video is a call to those who have not given up the race but also to those who are resting by the track; a call to get back on their feet and take up the challenge they once held so dear. 2022 is an auspicious year, we here at MB believe the “Great Tribulation” spoken of by Jesus has begun or will certainly begin this year. (Prophecy) “2022 is the kick-off-year for the great tribulation…so prepare in spirit and flesh for this event. We will work hard to get your visas and other pertinent details all tied up before the false prophets and leaders of this world of Satan reset. They think they are heading into 2030 and all that baloney, but they are wrong, wrong, wrong, their time is up, their boss knows it but these ignorant, arrogant puppets of the devil know nothing but their own program. He gives them no insight into these matters of the spirit. They read the Bible but see nothing that alarms them; their eyes are blinded by pride. Hold a prayer and fast day on the first of the month. Start your people working on the details now, don’t allow this to slip by. This coming year is going to be torrid, so prepare in spirit for the biggest year this world has ever experienced. The devil and his people have a lot lined up for 2022, he has almost pushed everything and everyone into place, he is almost ready, in only a few short months the waves will hit the sand castles of man.”


RELEASED: DECEMBER 28, 2020…Have you lost your way, has the Lamp of God’s Word become dim? This video should inspire you to pick it up again or turn up the wick and see where the world has come since you stepped of the path of God’s will. The Tribulation is upon us! It is time to pick up those new weapons again. The hour is very late. (Prophecy) “As tribulation sweeps the globe, the real issues of life will begin to come into focus for a lot of people. It will be akin to a person being told they have some terminal illness and only have a short time to live. Suddenly their life snaps into perspective and they begin seeing things as they really are. The things that were important to them no longer hold their place, as they are pushed further and further back; being replaced by real issues. Those of My children who know Me and My Word will be the first to snap out of their stupor…many are even now beginning to realize something has changed and the world is not the same. They are beginning to awake from slumber; pray for these, for even in their unpreparedness I can mightily use them. Don’t put down the clarion I have placed in your hands, keep calling, keep praying, they need your prayers. The hour is late, but not too late to rise and fight. The enemy is a liar, he will tell them that the hour to fight has past, and they should just forget it. Never never never is it too late to save your life and the lives of those around you. Quickly go to the market and buy oil for the darkest hour is just before dawn. Dawn is close and the enemy would have them believe that it is too late, liar liar liar. Blow and blow and blow that clarion that horn of war, the enemy has overrun the world but don’t just lie there to die in your bed of languishing.”


RELEASED: JULY 15,2021…Following scripture from the KJV Bible this video begins with a scene where the kings of the earth are bringing into the Heavenly City by boat gifts to be presented to the King of Kings. A beautiful video that excites the viewer with visions of the future, which you and I are going to be partakers of.


RELEASED: MAY 25, 2020…If you think that the powers that be have had their program set back or even lost a round or two, you should watch this video. Be very careful watching alternative media channels because many of them are not basing their understanding of world events on Bible prophecy. As Jesus said to the the scribes and pharisees of His day, so may be said of many of these soothsayers: you may discern a change in the weather, but you are not discerning the signs of the times. And as for these elites…the Bible say they receive their power from the dragon, so it is the dragon who is in control. “The serpent does not adjust its grip in order to set its captive free but in order to better strangle its prey. The more the victim struggles tighter becomes the hold. Earth has been given into the hands of the prince of this world, the dragon. The world is his Serpentarium and man is the prey.”



RELEASED: APRIL 05, 2019…This video concerns a great falling away. Not of the church but of the Children of David. It was prophesied that before the great tribulation the ranks of the Children of David would be purged. (Prophecy)…”Then I will blow upon the field and will separate the wheat from the chaff. Prepare, for there will first be a falling away, then will I build My new church, which will be a renewal of the Words of David in purity and dedication. Fret not and be not alarmed or dismayed by these words of warning. This is not the first time this has happened to the children of David. There have been other times. Your history is marked with such purges and fires.” This was, I believe the final purging of the ranks of the Children of David because it left “the organization” in total disarray. It was similar to what happened to the children of Israel when Saul was defeated, they were all ordered back to their tents. Jesus was after a Gideon’s band and the famous “Reboot” was the catalyst He used to sift the wheat from the chaff.


RELEASED: SEPTEMBER 27, 2020…It was the last purge, the great falling away spoken of by Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2; return to thy tents O Children of David…this is when the devil made is move, thinking that his avowed enemy had fallen, never to rise again. He was wrong, as he always is. The Reboot created the Gideon’s band, the elite commando unit that Jesus needed for the Great Tribulation. (Prophecy)

Yes my love it is time to move on, you don’t want to be left behind now do you? The train is about to leave the station and it’s time for the last call. You are like the conductor standing on the platform calling “all aboard, all aboard”! This is the Endtime express and it is scheduled to leave any moment. You have your eye on the Driver and He has His eye on you; you check your time pieces and see there is only one minute remaining. You sound your whistle and the Engineer responds as you reach for the final flag.

The ticket booth shuttered its window an hour before, so all passengers are accounted. Don’t worry about those that missed this first train, there is another late night express coming through a few hours from now and the Company Owner has also benevolently scheduled a few more after that. Those trains are standing room only, they are sturdy but the going is rough; nevertheless they will pull into Tribulation Station at certain intervals throughout the night and those that buy tickets for the late night runs will have to buy at the platform gate, no one will be permitted onto the platform without a ticket, no well-wishers or fare-thee-wells then, and luggage will be severely restricted to flee bags. So all aboard, last farewells everyone, check your pockets to make sure you have all your most important items, is that key ring securely fastened to your belt or in your vest pocket, believe me you are going to need it because the train is going to pass through enemy territory. 


RELEASED: AUGUST 18, 2021…The Green Door was a dream the Endtime prophet David Berg received in 1973…this dream is not only being fulfilled today but to a far greater extent than first portrayed in David’s explanation of the dream. The Green Door is a dream about hell, but that which was intended for the afterlife is now being lived and experienced by many people on earth. Many scenes that David and his wife witnessed during their time behind the Green Door are now reality on this side of the Green Door. The Devil has indeed come down onto this planet having initiated his plan for world domination. For a clearer understanding of this video please follow the following link to download the updated pdf version of David’s dream.