(Angelic message:) “I’m going to paint a picture for you so that you will understand what is to befall you and your kin.

Things are tightening up more and more, and it’s apparent that the “evil men and seducers” will gain the upper hand for a while at least. Those who are not playing on the side of the opposition will “tend to poverty”. You can’t get a bank account unless you pledge your allegiance to the one world order, and this will have to be updated and approved on a regular basis, based on your “merits” and playing the game according to their rules, or out you go. “Fend for yourselves! We aren’t going to ‘aid and abet’ those who are disloyal to the cause. Out! before we throw you out in a more permanent way,” they will say with their actions.

So be prepared for a lack of a stable income, at least what can be tracked online. And take care that you seek the scriptures and the words of prophecy on how to act when things really do shut down for the Lord’s people. You’ll want to know where the exit is, when you get fired, so to speak.

And don’t worry about loss of income. It’s not a problem, just the next grade of learning to harness greater faith. You’ve had faith for finances —that is, for the supply of them when you needed it; but next it’s learning to have faith when finances might not even be a part of the equation, and still zig-zag and survive in these days to come.

So gird on the weapon of prophecy, for that most certainly will guide you in the way you are to go.”

Submitted by Kaye

  “When your heart is heavy and you feel troubled, uneasy, or afraid, let the keys work for you and give you peace, calm, faith and trust. Nothing is greater than key power!”


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