I am the master dream weaver

Jesus speaking: “Many shall come from the west and from the East and shall stand in their place in the time of the end, but the people of the Kingdom shall weep for they have not hearkened to My voice. With love I call them. I came, bearing gifts of inestimable value and they would not take them. Be not as the old for they seek after the flesh, walk after My word and I will exalt thee.

Who are those pillars; these are they that do the will of My Father. How can you know the will of My Father; by His Word, I am His Word. I am alive, I am moving, I am new, I am never still. God’s not dead, nor is He quiet. Look at man; he acts as if he invented speech, saying to himself, God does not speak anymore. I am speaking, I am always speaking.

So who are My pillars, they are those whom I can trust, those who follow Me, those who know Me. How can you know Me, how can I trust you. How is any relationship built? Communication, there must be communication. The more we communicate, the more I can show you, the more I can trust you with My Kingdom. But if one of My pillars stops receiving, stops listening, if they say to Me they can go no further, then how can they remain pillars. For a pillar holds up the building, usually the roof, but My building has no end, no roof, it grows, and it grows and it grows.

And so will I pour forth and pour forth and pour forth. But if you stop receiving for whatever reason, then you stop growing, and therefore you are not a pillar, but a wall, or a window, or a floor. My pillars are they that seek to be like Me and so not care what others think. They climb and they climb, their only wish is to receive more and go yet higher. They abhor stopping, for they know what that means, death. My pillars are those that are young, young in spirit, those that hear and obey. They are not perfect, but they are young. They cannot afford to grow old, for growing old means finishing, stopping. No, they are young in spirit as I am young in spirit. For every moment I am moving, I am being born from the mouth of God. I am created anew at every breath of His lips.

So too must My pillars seek after Me. Seek to remain fresh, seek to be My new and alive young bride, for such do I seek. For I have so much to give, so much to pump out. I need to pour out, for I am so full so very full, for there are so few who will seek out My new Words as fast as they come. So do I seek out My brides, and I would that they were many that I may lie with many and My passion be somewhat quenched.

So come to Me, for I have called you, and anointed you, and prepared you that I may fill you with My seeds. Don’t hold back, let Me in, let Me fill you with My golden seeds. I need you that I may feed many, for they are lost and know not the way. But they are not as prepared as you. So you must be My love slave for them. I have many wonderful things to give, all you must do is come, come into My chambers and be filled. You know not the way, you know not what is ahead, but I do, and I want you to know as well that you may lead those who will follow.

 So I say, don’t stop, don’t slow down, keep digging deep, keep sucking, and look not to man, look only to Me. I am your Shepherd; no one else can lead you where we go. Are you ready for the wildest ride of your life My love. Then sit still and give your heart to Me. For it is with Me that all your dreams will come true, for I am the Master dream weaver. With Me these are the dreams that truly satisfy; with Me is the life you truly wish to live. I can and will satisfy those who stick with Me. I know how to satisfy if you’ll trust Me. Do you trust Me. Do you want Me to take you higher? I can. I will, all you have to say is yes. I’m going to keep chipping away at you, trust Me. Hold on and learn to fight now. You may not feel yourself changing, but you are because you’ve asked it of Me. I will change you bit by bit. I love you. “


“ I am the Master dream weaver. With Me these are the dreams that truly satisfy.”




“For a pillar holds up the building, usually the roof, but My building has no end, no roof, it grows, and it grows and it grows.”









pillars of the end