inverted perception

“As you accept more and more negative thoughts, it begins to darken your spirit.”

“This process inverts your perceptions, and over time it causes you to begin seeing negative things as good and good things as negative. What is happening is that you are slowly slipping into the Enemy’s upside-down‚ inside-out perceptions.”



Danger of negative thinking

“If negativity isn’t actively minimized in your life, you stand to lose your life. You will become of no effect, useless. You may have your physical shell, but your emotional, mental, and spiritual side will be overcome. It’s up to each of you as to whether you will be overcome by negativity, because it all starts in the mind, in your thoughts.”

“Whether your negativity is something that isn’t a major weakness or it’s something you’ve been battling all your life, the seat of victory is the same–your thoughts. And the seat of victory when it comes to your thoughts is in your decision to yield to God’s will..”

it sucks the life from you

“The longer you indulge in negative thoughts, the more negative you will become. It’s not a steady spiritual problem that remains the same; it’s a growing spiritual problem that will gradually get worse. And not only will the negativity get worse‚ but your negative reactions and mindsets will become more deeply ingrained. The longer a person allows himself or herself to be negative, the harder it will be to finally pull out and get the victory.” ( Danger of Negative Thinking )

“Negativity sucks the life out of you. It drains you of all hope and joy and will to live. It holds you back from growing, progressing, and stepping out to do what I ask of you. Negativity engulfs you and sours your whole life–and with time, if not fought, it just gets worse.”





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