positively positive

There is one rule of thumb that is helpful to remember in fighting negativity: Positive anything is better than negative nothing. Anything you do that is positive is going to be better than the nothing good that comes from giving place to negativity. Take the word “negative” and overwrite it with the word “positive.” They both have the same number of letters, but the results of putting them into action are worlds apart.

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old fashioned pessimism

The effect of negative thinking in someone’s life is nothing short of devastating. It robs that individual of the potential that God has created within them, and hinders Him from accomplishing all that I wish to do through them. Negative thinking is really just old-fashioned pessimism. ( Positively Positive Part 1 )

Negative thinking often results in shyness and timidity.

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negativity = pain

A negative outlook on life is so different from the optimistic‚ positive outlook that Jesus wishes for His children to have. It is the antithesis of faith. He has called His children to a life of faith, but negative thinking is a life of doubt. Negativity is manifested in different ways and in varying degrees in different people, but the result is the same.                  ( Positively Positive Part 1 )

Negativity brings real pain into people’s lives.

change your world

So many people want to do great things. So many people dream of being a person who changes the world through some great work written, a great deed of courage performed‚ or great acts of compassion rendered to those in need. But the negative feeling of “I just can’t do it” robs people of that chance to make good on their dreams. It’s the Devil’s ploy to make life miserable and unfulfilling.    ( Positively Positive Part 1 )

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