power of the keys …augmented

When the Lord first gave His disciples power “over all the works of the Enemy,” the Enemy was only using so much power against them. Since then, the Enemy has continued to broaden his base and sphere of influence and power in and over this world. This means that what was once sufficient against “all the power of the Enemy” is not sufficient anymore! You could call it spiritual inflation. The disciples could do more with less power in their day because the resisting power of the Enemy wasn’t as great. Today the resisting power of the Enemy and his doubts and carnality are stronger in the world, so the Lord needs to give us even greater faith and greater power to perform miracles today.(Mysterious Keys Part 1)

power of the keys part the veil

(Jesus:) There are many barriers between Heaven and Earth, between the realm of the spirit and the realm of the flesh, but the keys, which are a spiritual power, immediately part the veil and provide access to the full power of Heaven.


accessing a secret code

 I understand that it takes more faith to call on the keys, because it’s a new concept. But calling on the keys doesn’t replace Me. In calling on the keys you are calling on Me, because the keys are a part of Me. It’s like accessing a secret code, a direct hotline where you can connect to My full power without having to go through a lot of motions. (Prophecy…Jesus speaking)

why our prayers aren’t answered sometimes

“The results are up to Me and My will at the time–how I know it is best to answer your prayer. Sometimes I allow negative circumstances to happen in order to accomplish My higher will. For example, I might allow you to have an accident, even though you claimed My protection and claimed the keys. That doesn’t mean that prayer and the keys don’t work; it just means I have a higher purpose for allowing those circumstances. Ask Me about it and I’ll tell you why.”(Mysterious Keys Part 1)



jesus the keys and his word are one

(Jesus speaking:) The power of the keys is a spiritual phenomenon, a mystery, a reality. The keys are a part of Me; their power and My power are the same, just like the Word is a part of Me and prayer is a part of My Spirit. All the spiritual weapons are in some way a part of Me, an extension of My Spirit, something I give you to help you fight the spiritual warfare and stay connected to Me.


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