witness your faith

 “This is another reason why praise is such a powerful weapon, because when you praise Me and My Father, you’re declaring your faith in Me and your dependence on Me to control your life and bring about mighty changes. You’re witnessing your faith in Me, your trust in Me, your love for Me, and thus you’re bringing Me into the world in a tangible way, which tears the Enemy’s evil plan to shreds.”

knowledge of our creator

“Throughout the history of the world‚ it has always been the Devil’s plan to take away this knowledge of a Creator in the mind of man‚ so he could be exalted and worshiped as a god himself. But always My children’s voices have been raised to proclaim the truth and denounce his lies. Now, as the dark days of the End approach, very few are willing to stand up against the Devil’s attacks. His attacks are very subtle and have deceived many, even many of My elect.”

hit the devil hard

“So don’t let it happen! When the Enemy tempts you to enjoy just a little bit of negativity, that’s when you need to hit him hardest and start using praise as a weapon and with great effort and enthusiasm. This is the kind of counterattack the Enemy cannot prevail against. Hit him hard and quick‚ and you’ll find he’ll flee like a wounded dog‚ and you’ll feel much, much better both physically and spiritually.”


praise as a weapon

“The longer you let the devil in, the harder it’s going to be for you to pull out of it. Don’t think that it’s just fine for you to revel in your negative thinking for a little while and then praise Me later when you feel more like it, because by the time you feel like it, you have already done damage to your spirit and possibly allowed the Enemy to influence others as well. The Enemy can use your mouth as a vehicle of negativity, discouragement, and disunity when you decide not to praise Me.”

discouragement the devils tool

“That’s why Satan tries so hard to get you discouraged or to make you complain‚ because these things have the exact opposite effect of the power of positive praise. No matter how unfair you feel the circumstances are, if you give in to complaining and feel that you deserve to revel a bit in your sorrow, anger, or feelings of frustration, then you are essentially making a comfy little home for the Enemy. He’s just loving it-making himself at home and having a great time.”

power of positive praise

(Jesus:) The Devil, the Enemy of your soul, absolutely hates it when you make use praise as a weapon! It hits him hard in several directions, causing you to feel physically and spiritually strengthened, all the while bringing My blessing upon you in great measure. Plus, he just plain hates to hear it! It causes him and his imps unimaginable pain, and as persistent as they can sometimes be, it’s only a matter of time before they go running the opposite direction, covering their ears with their hands. Just as thinking positively can help eliminate poisons in your body, praising Me will help eliminate the Enemy and thwart his attempts to drag you down.

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