The Underused Weapon of Praise

Praise calls down help from Heaven and surrounds you with angels and heavenly forces!—Just as I surrounded My children of old when they went to battle. They were armed with songs and praises as their only weapon against their enemies, and I went before them with My armies and slew all their enemies (2Chr.20). Your praises can slay all your enemies and do battle for you and get the victory.

Your praises surround you with a force field both spiritually and physically. It transports your mind into heavenly places. It can protect you from pain‚ eliminate fear, and defeat the Enemy. Praise is another weapon, mighty and powerful. Just as I filled the temple with My presence when the Israelite’s praised Me, so will I fill your home and your heart and your thoughts with My presence when you praise Me, and I will be with you. Jesus speaking

   All praise is powerful

All praise is powerful, and the Devil hates every word of praise that comes forth from your mouth. But he especially hates specific praise, retaliation praise, when he’s attacking you with a particular battle and you turn right around and sock it to him with your praise—praising Me for the specific things he’s trying to use to attack you. That kills his pride and mortally wounds his spirit.

Praising in general terms for anything you have to be thankful for or your many blessings does lift your spirit and help you to feel more victorious. All praise is good, but when you take the specific attack the Enemy is hitting you with and turn around and transform it into a praise to Me, looking at the situation positively and thanking Me for whatever you can think of that is related to the battle he’s attacking you with, this is indeed a fiery sword that pierces his heart to its innermost depths and forces him to retreat, screaming with pain from your attack through praise. 


“Praise is so much like electricity. When the batteries are charged or the generators are running‚ then there’s a plentiful supply of power. But weak batteries or faulty generators cause the lights to go out. If you don’t actively praise and focus‚ then not enough spiritual oomph will be generated to push your prayers through to answers. This is simplistic, but it shows you how praise works and how you can get more and better answers by praising.”

“Praise is so important! Praise is precious! Praise is valuable! Praise is the way of the Kingdom! Praise is the opposite of the way of the world. The Devil brings his people into bondage through fear and worry and contention and bitterness and murmuring. But I long to bring My children into freedom through praise and thanksgiving!”

Praise is the victory   Praise is the victory   Praise is the victory 


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