Bible Studies with Jesus…Psalm 91

PSA.91:1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

Jesus says:

“The secret place” That is where you and I are alone together; a place that is fit just for two—you and I. It’s not a large meeting or even a circle of friends, but where two alone can meet and exchange ideas, thoughts, and enjoy camaraderie. You have to be alone for this; alone in heart and mind, without other things filling your senses. Or even other people to distract yourself with.

That’s the trouble these days. So many people are lonely; they have no earthly companion, but they don’t know how to alleviate the sorrow. They haven’t learned how to enter into a covenant, a private engagement, a closed-circle friendship where only they and their God can meet. It’s a private affair. When you can learn how to do this — to shut out the rest of the world and acquaintances, and just be alone in friendship or in desperation with your Lord, then you know how to enter into My secret place. I am always eager to have private encounters with you, for I know this is when you will tell Me your deepest secrets, your greatest fears, or your most earnest wishes in life.

I can talk you through the tough times of waiting—the long and patient waiting until some dreams become a reality…for a full  PDF version please download here

Psalm 91:1

“Maybe you are afraid, just a little bit, or perhaps a lot, to be alone with Me. You know things haven’t been right in your heart…”

Keys Are Our Wilderness

“In the deepest despair, in the
darkest night, in the depths of defeat there is rescue. Call on the
power of the keys of the Kingdom, call My Name, call for My
mercy, call for My help. Then wait on Me, and I will strengthen your
heart. You will rise up and walk in The spirit of God.”


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