Bible Studies with Jesus…Psalm 91

“It’s a trap!” I might warn you if you listen. There are many things and people around who might lure you to do or be this or that, just for the purpose of getting something from you. Traps surround you. But like any cleverly set traps, they don’t appear as such. An effective trap is one that is so disguised that the thing it’s trying to snare hasn’t a clue that it is a trap.

If you notice a trap in plain view, it’s probably just a pretend one, put there so you can think you are all so clever to notice it. Then your mind is put into a false sense of security. You tell yourself, “I can see traps, I can sense snares,” But that was the trap that got you to walk self-confidently away, unprayerfully away, and fall right in to the hidden, well-set out, totally disguised trap that was designed to make you unmoveable, and take away your freedom to preach and teach about Me.

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Psalm 91:3

“Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.”




Yet, some traps are in plain sight





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