Prophecy: Psalm 91:5&6

Jesus speaking

The key words in this verse say, “not be afraid”. It’s not saying that these terrible or bad things will never happen to you or to your friends or loved ones or around you at some time, but it’s the fear that needs to not take hold.

Once people are afraid of something, you can then control them. Just like an animal being trained, they’ll do what their master wants so they don’t get a whack. People afraid of being hurt in some way can be corralled to go or not go a certain way.

It’s a tactic the enemy can use to motivate people—fear. I am always telling My followers not to listen to the voice of the enemy, nor heed a feeling of fear in times of persecution or in times of troubles. That is like listening to the enemy’s voice, picking up on the wrong signals and operating according to them.

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Psalm 91:5 & 6

“Those who have the faith to walk through the troubles and listen to Me telling them how to survive, or what they are to learn through it, or who they are to try to help while enduring it, these are the overcomers.”



“Psalm 91”

Music video; perfect for the dark times we are entering.







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