Somewhere in heaven

A Spirit Trip

“You’ll get the most out of it if you sit back and let Me talk. Sit in the room with Me and let Me tell you a few secrets. It’s like just you and I are in the room. I keep it very personal.”

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 Those that follow Me

Part 2–The continued answer to the question posed to Jesus, “Was it hard to never have a wife while on Earth?

Jesus speaking:

“I was requiring many of My disciples to give up the same thing—getting married and having children, either for the rest of their life or temporarily, so that they could learn of Me in the short time we had together. It was better that they were free to go and preach the Gospel without the added worry about a family that would be dependent on them. It’s Godly to care for your own, yet if they made God’s family theirs, and the family of believers their own family and cared for them rather than having their own children at this time, this would be a whole lot better for getting the Gospel out and getting news of salvation spreading.”

Secrets With Jesus Visit 2


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