The Spiritual Warfare

“Just as the Lord sends us His angels to protect‚ provide, and aid us in our service for Him‚ the Devil sends his demons who try to fight and hinder and stop our forward progress.”

Spiritual Helpers and Hinderers

“This is one of the principal methods of attack against spiritual powers–call them out by name. Ask their name, and they are bound to identify themselves to you so that you can attack them. Ask and you will receive their names, and Jesus will use their exposure to help you win the victory. ” (Positively Positive part 4)


The Good

Lucerne – Powerful angelic being who fights the demons of depression.
Illuminus – Mighty advocate of Jesus’ light who fights Pan and Arakan.
Natalia – Created to lead us in praise.
Praise Angels – Each of us has (at least) one. They guide our praises and help us to praise more.

The Bad

Arakan – Chief demon of confusion and depression.
Negaton and Negin – Demons of negativity, hopelessness, and despair.
Pan – Archdemon over the mind. He is the author of doubt, confusion, complexity, negativity, and depression.
Vain – Excessive consciousness of others’ opinions.



Pride the enemy

Negativity causes you to reject God’s help because you’re convinced that you don’t deserve it‚ which is pride.(Positively Positive Pt 4)

negativity darkens your spirit

“The negative person gradually loses sight of reality. It’s not a sudden thing, but gradually, bit by bit, negative attitudes take over one area of his thoughts, then another, and then another. When you take in a negative thought‚ it colors your spirit just a bit. As you accept more and more negative thoughts, it begins to darken your spirit.”

All quotes in spiritual helpers and hinderers are taken from the article Positively positive part 4. for more on this subject go to





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