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Prophecy bites

Jesus speaking 🙂 The boat is in gear and turning into the main part of the flowing, running river. We are moving swiftly forward, partly because the hour is right, and partly because you are more willing now than ever.

So keep cutting the strings that have attachments down into the water that give a bit of drag. Keep cutting loose so we can zoom to our destination before night falls.

(Q: What strings?)

The string of stuff.

What did sailors do in storms to keep afloat and not drown? Let the stuff go.

“Regard not your stuff.” (Was said to Jacob and his team as they traveled to save their lives in time of famine.)


(Jesus speaking 🙂 The place I come into best is in your mind. I can’t love you with so much clutter. Your mind really does get cluttered with physical things around, to jog this or that memory. But open up to Me in purity and love, as you push aside all else.

There is more that I will require of you, for this is only the beginning.

It is the season of forsaking.

I will hold you as carefully as a chemist mixes this and that, and holds vials that he wishes not to drop, as I complete the work in you.

cut the strings


Spending more time with Jesus

“It’s not about how much you read that gets you farther along, but actually how much you are being changed for the better. Maybe it’s taken a whole lot of text being produced to do this because there’s been so much worldly knowledge that has swept through the minds of My believers, and so to counter all that, it has taken a gush of the spirit of prophecy and pouring out the new wine to the children of David. There is so much that has been poured out you wonder how or if you will ever get around to reading and studying it all.

But maybe that’s so you’ll be forced to spend less time on what the world offers. Maybe that’s why I did it that way for the children of My family. I gave lots to help fill in their mind’s hunger, thus giving less place to Satan who has produced tons to capture the minds of believers, tasty stuff to fill their gut yet leave them hungry, hungry for more fluff and no-nutrient intake.  

Maybe it’s a bit overwhelming to think of all that you’d like to read, along with your full-time mission and projects you are meant to complete before time runs out. But if you are taking in next to nothing of this world  and only feeding on new sap from Heaven, you won’t have to cram and try too hard, laboring to read and reread so much. If you are only feeding from My hand, I can make sure you are getting nourished. I can lead you to the best stuff and what will teach you what I need you to be focusing on now. You don’t have to feel like a slave to the burden of reading all the zillions of things. Though they are good and teach plenty, really are more than you have the time to partake of all, before the race is up. I have to lead you to the right and most pertinent things.

It’s when I see that rather than studying or working for Me in what I’ve called on you to do, you are wasting time with the seeds of the serpent and playing on his playground, that I say you need more added to your reading list. I need you to then feel so overwhelmed by all that there is to study, all the good that is delightful to partake of and will help you grow spiritually.

But for those who are working full-time for Me, not taking “vacations” on the things of the world either daily or hourly,  I put aside some of the vast books that could be and should be read, and say, “Later. You can have a chance to catch up on all those fun bits later. Just take in the most needed, pertinent things while you use your time fighting the war. Well done.”

So are you a soldier or a student? Students need lots of books to read and plenty of homework to do, so they don’t waste their time getting into trouble. But soldiers are too busy fighting to run off and get some time-wasting gimmick. If they have time at all to luxuriate and take in some beauty, there is plenty they can choose from, from the archives of the children of David, but it’s not as a huge burden that they need to work through. They don’t need to feel the pressure to read and absorb the near–impossible amounts in a very short amount of time. They already feel the pressure to fight the wars they are in the middle of.

Those with “time to spare”, that is: brain space that is spacing out on this and that, yes, there is the requirement for them to get filling that brain with the multitudes of things to be read and learnt from, so Satan does not get the advantage.

For those who are too busy fighting to take in more than the basic time with Me, I’ll give them some nice catch-up time later. But those who aren’t sure yet who or where the enemy is, they better stay tucked in their trench for long hours and absorb as much as they can from the manual and books of soldiers who have fought on before them. Otherwise they are bound to be peeking up their head, facing it all the wrong way, and getting hit. If they aren’t peeking out of their trench, weapons in hand, trying to shoot at the enemy, but just trying to get a look around, they are going to get wounded.

Stay down. Stay learning a bit more. There will be more to read about from the archives of My fighters than you’ll have time for now. So get started until you are ready to engage fully in the war for the souls of men. Then when you are a solid soldier during your times in between skirmishes, you can nestle down in safe place and very happily absorb what you most need and crave.” (Jesus Speaking)

What’s coming in 2022  (download)

Soldier or Student

“If you are taking in next to nothing of this world  and only feeding on new sap from Heaven, you won’t have to cram and try too hard, laboring to read and reread so much. If you are only feeding from My hand, I can make sure you are getting nourished.”



“Rise Of The Antichrist”

“Europe is now firmly in the hand of the NWO and its king. The ‘trump’ card has been played; America has now isolated itself. And as Babylon was used to bring about My will toward My children, and then retribution; so will it be with America.”





“ours is a high calling”

NEW FROM YOU!! A series of bite sized prophecies that touch on a multitude of interesting subjects. These downloadable PDF prophecy files were sent in to MB from our different readers.





Recently submitted to MB

“A part of a message to me, when Jesus was helping me to have the faith to believe again, and read again, all the Word given to us in the Family; one of the things emphasized was getting me to embrace the reality of the angelic and spirit help, and the importance of working with them.” love K.

Jesus speaking:

I will give you eight reasons why you don’t want to miss this chance to take the leap back into the pool of My wild Words:

1.) Think of the souls that will be lost. Remember you see only part of the picture. Earthlings like to think they can see the whole thing -everything there is to see. But in reality only a very small bit of the picture is viewable by them. Everything has been planned and prepared for, but if you turn away and don’t get with the vision, people and plans are lost. It’s a grievous thing. Seek with tears to do your Masters will, so that as many can be saved as possible.

2.) Pride cannot linger and thrive when you reach past the carnal and temporal realm. You are showing your need for divine assistance. To stay in your realm only and think all is and will be fine is terribly proud and will be your demise. You are not realizing that it is taking in the spirit world that keeps and makes things so. Instead, reach out – desperately, enthusiastically, even over zealously, in humility, to Me and what I have for you in the Spiritual realm. This step will ensure you keep pride in check -a vital thing to success and sanity.

The remainder of this article can be (downloaded here)

8 reasons

“If you don’t stir to change, I can assure you, nothing will work out that was meant to work out for you. It’s all in how you treat My Word. My Word is Me.”



“An Elegy”

A heart cry from Jesus to His bride.





submitted to m.B. on the 14-Nov-2020

“I look back, dreamily in time, to when I still laughed and played with those I understood, and who, it seemed, understood me. I understood them well, for I had grown up with them. We were companions, in sickness, in health, in good times and in hard times.

This didn’t mean I never was lonesome, for rare would be the individual who never was touched with such feelings; for that is merely part of existence.

Perhaps I then dreamed, as I do now, of a time when I would be fully at peace with my surroundings, with my colleagues and acquaintances. I didn’t realize how much I did have in common with them, until it too was taken away, as the swift stream of life pulls one down and around and away.

Some call it progress; others don’t know what to make of change when it happens. Change always seems good before it happens, for there is always the hope that one will find peace and surcease from whatever is ailing them at the moment. But when change occurs, it comes with a new surge of challenges—some good, some that are unexpected and hard to bear.

And so it was with me. But perhaps that is just because I am not truly home yet. My home is yet to come. My companions, still earthbound, weren’t living yet their full potential. Perhaps in the days to come, when we all have passed through this life of learning, we will be more equipped to be true companions to each other. But that will be some time, sometime far down the line”…continued in downloadable PDF.

A lamentation

“I sit and stare out the window of my heart, not forward, but to a dream that has past. A dream that seems so distant, and crushed, just as the past is gone and buried, so is what I knew to be. But I am still alive; I am still yearning for the peace, for the love, for the laughter of friends. My dream mates, I wish they would be here for me, to talk with, to love with, to share the heartaches of life. I wish we could encourage one another in the paths we each must walk.”



David’s Mighty Men (Song)

Many are called, few are chosen




Key to Survival

“I found the first clue when growing up. I heard there was a God, that there was a way to get back to Him. I wanted that. I wanted to know there was a happy ending and home for good at the end of life’s road. I don’t regret taking the ticket that said the “Heaven Destination” on it, paid for and signed by Jesus Christ—the only sure way to get there. I was told that once you have this free pass; you can rest assured that no matter how hard the journey is, the destination will be worth the trouble.

But there was more to it than that, I’ve found out. Not more to do to get to the “Heaven station” but that, depending on the choices you make on the rough or smooth roads, your prizes when you get to the end of life’s road will vary.

Hmm. That’s worth a think, or more than one—it’s a daily decision and there’s decisive action to take. There’s something about showing up at life’s end with holding the ticket to free entrance, and also having a sack filled with the treasures you discovered along the way that were placed there specifically by the One who made the path and the people who walk it.”


Desiring Me by faith

Desiring Me By Faith a full 14 pg, color PDF (download here)

“And there is something for having another very empty sack. There is one sack you don’t want to show up with full—a life that was filled with hording and keeping things only for one’s own benefit, holding onto one’s own dreams when it would have been best to discard them in order to help others along the path.”



Stay By Me

“I heard there was a God, that there was a way to get back to Him.”





Jesus speaking in prophecy:

“Listen to the sound of My falling rain! It sounds beautiful doesn’t it? Well it feels pretty good too, if you will throw that umbrella away, and stretch out your arms and take in My rain with your whole being.
I am pouring My Word from the sky as a pouring rain, and those of My brides who open their arms to receive it will be filled to overflowing. Those who open themselves to My Rain, and who let themselves be cleansed by it as it runs over them, down their faces and through their clothes; those who let My Rain soak them, are those who I will use most in the coming days. Those who do not care for what others do, or how people look at them, or how they have let My Rain pour over them without measure, are the ones who will be My last witnesses.
I love these brides; brides like you, for you have shown yourself to be as those who care only for what I have for them, only for what thrill and wonderment the Rain brings. You have shown yourself willing to stand in the open rain, to throw off your coverings, and to soak yourself in My wonderful love and Word.
And I am greatly pleased with your love and devotion; with how you have thrown caution to the wind, with whatever I show you, how you have cared for nothing but Me and My love and becoming closer to Me. Oh My darling I love you, we have been through so much together, we have passed through so many fires, so many storms, but it was all worth it for you to be standing where you are today.
Yes you made mistakes, but do you see how they have only helped you;  those mistakes are what made you ready to run out into the rain and receive Me in full. Without those you would be as many in the world today, full and stable in themselves and needing nothing;  or so they think.
So as we stand here in this pouring rain, as you feel it hitting you;  so many drops at a time, running down your back, remember that we are in this together and that My Rain is strengthening you for the battles of the future. Remember how far I have brought you and raise your arms in praise as you imbibe the water of My Words and love to you.

the umbrella

“I am pouring My Word from the sky as a pouring rain, and those of My brides who open their arms to receive it will be filled to overflowing.”




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