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So Fly …as with the Wings of an Eagle

Prophecy, Jesus Speaking:

“It’s all tied up and ‘in the bag.’ But you, of course, have escaped. The live ones have flown the coop and are sitting in the trees a safe distance away, watching. You don’t have to wait for some big sign in the sky or some Biblical event to know that the sun has gone down and the world has already passed through the long hours of night and is now in the darkest part, that hour just before dawn.

You just try to go back to the system now and see what it will cost you and how much will be required of you. First up is a vaccination. But isn’t that typical? Just to enter this world as a baby, you need to be vaccinated, then to go to school you need your vaccinations, and now it is not just the army that requires adults to pass through a vaccination program, but to be permitted access to government facilities, you must be vaccinated, marked, chipped. Call it what you will.

The system is simply fine-tuning its snares and traps in order to catch everyone that has not yet joined their One World Order. It is an order, a command, and you are no longer given an option. You must do so in order to be a part of this world. So the fine-tuning will go on and on until such a time as these rule makers have extinguished everyone from off the face of this earth…And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake, those days shall be shortened.

It is a vain thing, an empty pursuit to spend your time looking at the economic charts and meters or listening to the babblings of the men of this world as they try to figure out how this event or that situation is going to affect the future. I tell you plainly, beloved, that all that you see and hear on the news or on this or that site, is merely the free fall into perdition and chaos. Oh, of course there is a safety net, but at height even a safety net can hurt when you hit it; it’s like hitting water from a great height, if you don’t land correctly…whack, the ensuing belly flop really, really hurts. Well, prepare yourselves, My loves, for the world is about to hit the wall.

Fly, My love doves, fly, take up the wings of an eagle and fly with Me into the wilderness and let us fellowship behind the veil of My promises. My Kingdom surrounds this world of man, just as My armies surrounded Dothan in the day that I came to save My prophet. If you cannot see, then ask for the Keys, and I will open your eyes to what the blind cannot see. My brides, you are already in the Kingdom of God; it has always surrounded this world. My Kingdom is in you and you are in My Kingdom. The false veil of Satan’s counterfeit kingdom is about to be ripped from top to bottom and his perfidious empty sham is to be exposed; then the tribes of the earth will mourn as they see what they have been slaving for and worshiping. Yet I can only save those that come to Me. Those who believe and take My hand will be those who will escape the belly flop. Faith has its rewards, because it is not always by faith; the evidence is there and eventually it has to become a reality.”


“The world is about to hit an air pocket, similar to what an airplane experiences when flying or rather dropping through space. The air pocket will be massive, not just people’s stomachs will be affected, but also the things around them.” (Excerpt of prophecy rec’d 29-08-2022)

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VIDEO “A Guide Through Tribulation”

“The power of the keys will place a bubble of protection around your heart, keeping it separated from the world. Use them and you will always be a part of My ecclesia.”


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Part Three of a Prophecy About 2022

“Listen My bride, and you will hear the whispers from behind the veil that only the Key of Faith can unlock. It matters little what man thinks. The ways of man are foolishness to Me, but the ways of faith please Me immensely and in fact, as the Words of David have taught you, bring Me to great heights of ecstasy. Yes, it is like a physical  ecstasy, and I have made lovemaking as an example of this principal, yet nowhere near the reality of a spiritual orgasm.

If you want My golden seeds, My bride, then you must come to Me in spirit and entice Me with your advances. I cannot and do not want to resist you, My love; I want our union more than you do. My desire is unquenchable. It is a raging fire that needs the fuel of your love. You are My trusted one, you and those that know in their hearts that they are one of David’s children. They know because I have placed the Key in their very being. It is embedded there by My hand. It is that new name that I will reveal to you when you arrive in our Kingdom. This new name is earned here and now on the earthly plane through your desire for My Word. Those that put My Word foremost in their lives have this Key name etched in their very being. This gift of love is for anyone that desires it. My Word is open to man. I have not withheld My love or My desire to be loved. Indeed the enemy is permitted to test and try the souls of man, but that is the Key that I use to sift the wheat from the chaff. Surely this is plain to see. Even in the marriages of man there is a time of testing, a time where the love of man and wife is tested to see if it is true gold. Will you be faithful unto death? It is in death that your true intentions will be revealed. Are you here for My person or My wealth and power? It is the trials, tests, purging and fires of earth that refine this ideal. Man says it can’t be done; I say it has to be done. There will be no moving forward, no future without this perfected love in the hearts of all men everywhere.

So come, My brides, leave the world and its worldliness, the froth and bubble of a useless and empty future…Pop it goes as I prick it with the pin of 22! Poof go the plans of man and Satan! Why piddle in that puddle that is left on the floor? Why weep over a burst bubble, a mere trifle that is so easily blown away by the winds of change? Can you feel it blowing? The spirit is moving; the wild wind of My spirit is blowing, and it will build as this door fully opens. No man can shut what the Key of David has opened. No man or god can undo or loosen what has been loosed by the Keys of the Kingdom. No man can stop those that hold the Keys in their tiny hands. They have opened the door of 22, and the winds of My will are pushing hard against it. Don’t stand there with your back against it, O foolish elites; O duped of Satan, your strength is of this world and you push against the very breath of God. Can flesh overcome spirit? Your flesh and the ways of flesh are death; they profit nothing. It is the spirit that reigns supreme and those that follow My spirit will rule and reign with Me for all eternity.

All is lost; abandon ship you fools! Run to the mountains and hide yourselves in the rock and caves of the earth, for the hurricane of the wrath of God is pushing through the door of 22. It has been opened and none can shut it, for it is written, the time of temptation has come upon the world. Look upon the wall of My will and read, “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin” your kingdom has been weighed on the balance of God and has been found greatly wanting, you, your kingdom and world have been given into the hands of the people of the saints of the Most High. Flee, for the day of wrath has come. Vipers, rats and foul things of earth, your day of judgement has come. Flee if you will into the arms of the usurper; wail and moan and cut yourselves as did the priests of Baal in the days of Elijah. See if he can save you. He is a broken thing, a pot, cracked and broken, a wet stick that gives off nothing but smoke, no flame, no heat, not even good for a beating.


O foolish Galatians, choose ye this day whom you will serve. If Baal be god then line up, serve his mark, serve the serpent and take your medicines and phials of poison. Serve the treasures and riches of Egypt, of gold, silver, tin and zinc. But if God be God, then serve Him. Come out from among them and touch not this unclean bird. This is your year of escape and My just ones must live by faith. If you serve Me, then come into the wilderness of My spirit. I will fit you with eagles wings, and you will fly from the wrath to come.” (End of prophecy)




“Look at today’s date…the 22nd of August 2020! We have two years to get ‘full possession’ down before it all happens in 2022” (quote from class time with kids)

Listen to PODCAST on ‘Full Possession (Updated)’



“In the deepest despair, in the darkest night, in the depths of defeat there is rescue. Call on the power of the keys of the Kingdom, call My Name, call for My mercy, call for My help. Then wait on Me, and I will strengthen your heart. You will rise up and walk on.”



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And the strand of faith



We have compiled from scripture and prophecy an amazing rebuttal Jesus has to Satan’s quest of inserting a 3rd (synthetic) strand in the human genome. For the full pdf (20 pages) please follow this link.

Prophecy (Jesus speaking)

“Keep pointing people to the Words of David, for the Words are the foundation from which all must begin again, if they wish to see the light. So many little strands will come together this year, and like that demonstration the witch queen of England gave to the world, the tree will light up and many will understand exactly where this world is going. Then the decision of whether to go with the trend will have to be made; that is when the faith of many will be tested. The Word of God has always been by faith. There was only one short period in history where people on earth could see and touch and feel the Word of God, and then it was gone; back behind the veil to once again be taken by faith. Why must it be done this way? Because if obedience to the will of God is not done from the heart, then once again selfish man will take over this planet; another false  “Lucifer” will stand up and away the selfish-go-round will spin again.

This coming stand of faith, on the Word of God alone, by the children of faith scattered among the billions that are on the earth today, is like that extra strand that has to be placed within the human genome before all of this can make sense. Yes there is a place for the 3rd strand, and that strand is better known as the strand of faith, and those that take that stand of faith receive that strand of faith, and the reward of faith is eternal life. The Devil has been trying to stop this strand being refitted into the human genome for thousands of years. He began His attack on the Word of God with these words; Thou shalt not surely die”. It began with a lie and will end with fire at the last vial being poured upon those rebels that refused to love the Lord their God with all their soul, heart and mind.

It is not the world that is being tested in these last days; it is those that claim they are from the house of faith, those that say they are Abraham’s children, those that say they are Jews but are as much a part of the world as the worldly man. What was and still is at the core of Adam and Eve’s decision to eat or not to eat? It is faith in their Fathers Word, obedience to the Word of God out of love. The world cannot be blamed for disobedience because in these final days of man they are alienated from it, even their conscience has been seared and is therefore impermeable to the Word. They will be judged according to their works, but those that know their Father’s will, or even claim to know it and do it not will be judged according to their faith. Why are Christians taking the vaccine? Why do their reasons for doing so sound so reasonable in their own ears? Why are they going along with the rest of the world? It is because they have not come to realize the implications involved.

They have lived in the world and rubbed shoulders with the world all their lives. And to remain in the world you have to take it. Why can’t they see that this is the first test of faith for those that have been asked by the Father to  obey His will. Where in His Word does it say to defile the temple of the Holy Ghost? Ask them for their reasons for doing so and you will see where their treasure is. This was a trial by fire, not yet as great as the one that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego faced, but that test is coming very soon. If you say you are a child of God, then live by His Word. It is very simple really. This vaccine and the final chip are being foisted on the people of the world because they are of the world and are therefore living the way they’ve always lived. They are subject to those they voted into power. At least they are honest about their beliefs. But it is the man and women who say yes to the Father but do it not, these are the ones the Father is ferreting out. They will be judged according to their works also. You say you are a Christian or a man of God; then prove it. The first test wasn’t actually a test but a warning to the so-called faithful of what is coming.  The vaccine may not send you to hell, but it sure as hell put you on the path.

Those false teachers who tell their congregations to take the vaccine are embedded spies of the king of this world. They are teachers of the faithless, blind leaders perhaps; but more than likely vipers preying on the dumb sheep who have no shepherd –those whose real purpose is to fleece the sheep to support their lifestyle. Yet, are those dumb sheep that dumb? –more than likely not, they want to be lied to because they also live for a lifestyle within a system that God hath said not to touch. Do not even touch the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, let alone eat of it. These same pastors of the blind, will be the very ones to tell their faithless believers to take the mark that will allow them to remain in the whore. They are hypocrites, whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness. The separation is about to come, the winnowing. The coming Mark of the Beast is simply an open book test, so go and open your Books: the Word of God, and allow it to open your eyes to what is almost upon you.

Come out of Jerusalem and flee across the Jordan and into the wilderness of faith and escape the coming fire, or choose to stay and die within a system that is earmarked for destruction. Your temples and your altars of stone, wood and brass will burn along with your lifestyle as the Man of Sin and his armies surround the city of this world. Why do you wait on the word of the false prophet Scofield and the Demas’s and all those peace prophets who love this present world?  Why do you deliberate on whether it is time or not? Your time is always ready.

Then Jesus said unto them, My time is not yet come: but your time is always ready. The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil. (John 7:6,7)

The devil cannot force himself on you or anyone else. It is a matter of decision, majesty of choice and free will. That is why he sends the false pastors and priests of his world out into My creation to poison the minds and hearts of men. That is what he spends all his time, energy and money doing, to trap, and ensnare men in the world of knowledge. He has had the worldly in his hands for millennia; now it is time for the master stroke. It is your faith that is being tested.  And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed. (Daniel 11:35)

There is a place for the 3rd strand in the human genome, but that space cannot be fitted by Satan within the genome of the faithful. Your weapon is the Word of God; your demise is your carnal mind, your defense is faith; the crumbling of faith comes through fear and worship of man. This world is a trap carefully laid and camouflaged, and if you live according to the ways and rudiments of this world you are blind to it. Salvation is the life-strand that will save your soul –but not necessarily your body– from Nebuchadnezzar’s furnace. Prove your salvation by your works. You were saved by faith; now live by faith. for the hour of your temptation is upon you. Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. (Revelation 3:10)

What the Devil and his people are after is eternal life. They will not have it; they cannot have it. It will be denied to them because they are, by choice, not one of the faithful. They are of the household of rebellion.”

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“There are many things that will work together to bring on the new economic system which the Antichrist, moved by the Evil One, will implement as part of his reign. But the crash is still a major factor and is still a major event in the Endtime series of events.
Although people are increasingly moving toward a digital or cashless society now, the movement is slow and gradual, with stops and starts, a little here in this place and a little there in that place. People seek speed and convenience, yet at the same time they are comfortable with the way things have been for years–indeed, for centuries. For hundreds of years men and women have embraced cash, bills and coins which they could touch as a store of wealth and a means of payment. As things were in the Roman Empire and in world empires of the past, so are they today–cash is still the way. Many people are uncomfortable with the thought of a cashless society, one based only upon a computerized card or chip which links them to their invisible wealth.
The Enemy has worked hard to prepare the way for this cashless society and to speed it along, and men and women have both knowingly and unknowingly put the infrastructure for it in place. Yet there are still few people, very few in comparison to the billions on Earth, who travel that route. And even those who do only use digital cash or digital means of payment part of the time. They pay for this or that online, use a credit card or debit card here and there, and write a check in other instances, but cash is still primary to them.
As time grows shorter and the End of days grows nearer, the Enemy must speed up the movement toward his cashless society and prove the need for his Mark and credit system. To do that, he will use crisis after crisis in the kingdoms of man, the nations of the world, for they are given into his hand for now. One of the crises which he will bring about is that which you have called the crash–the recession of all recessions, the greatest depression man has ever known. He must use the crash to overcome the inertia of man, for men change their ways too s lowly to suit his purposes and to fit his limited time frame. For the End draws near and will happen within the time frame appointed to it, and he cannot extend it or delay it, since My Father has decreed it so.
So yes, the crash is yet to come, and it is still a primary means by which the Antichrist will promote his new cashless society. As I have spoken through the years, both through your Father David and through the mouths of many prophets, so shall it be.
Although the crash will be a primary factor, it is not the only factor which will make this new economic system seem so necessary. Other things will work in its favor as well. Governments will embrace it as a means of cutting down on crime and lawlessness, and a simple means of taxing their people. Businesses will embrace it as a means of instant payment, increasing their profits and diminishing their losses. The masses will embrace it for its speed, convenience, security, and ease of use. There will be many apparent advantages to it.
The Enemy will also prepare men’s hearts for it in other ways–through wars, civil disorders and strife, pestilences and plagues, disasters and catastrophes. All these things will work together to make men uncomfortable with the way things are, desperate for a change, ready to toss out the status quo and the ways of the past and to embrace the new and different and revolutionary. You have seen this already in the march of technology, and you shall see it again in the march toward the new economy.
Yes, the crash is yet to come. But more than that, I am yet to come. When you see this come to pass, as indeed it will, then lift up your heads and know that your redemption draws nearer by the day. So fear not the things that are yet to come to pass. Live and love and labor for Me, knowing that I will always provide for you, and look forward to your exceeding great reward in Heaven. The final payment system will indeed be a cashless one–the abundance of your Heavenly rewards, which will endure forever.

(END 043…2001)

USED Crash of cash

use the


“666 is a computerized, cashless banking system; it simply cannot work if cash is available. If given a choice, man will always choose cash, something that he can touch and feel. It is like his religions, he has to have a temple or a church, a pastor or a priest that he can see and touch. Man finds so difficult to live by faith. So yes, the crash is yet to come, and it is still a primary means by which the Antichrist will promote his new cashless society. As I have spoken through the years, both through your Father David and through the mouths of many prophets, so shall it be.”




November 2021


Crash (Update)



June 2022


Use The Keys



And The Antichrist



“IT’S LIKE THE VOICE OF THE PROPHET JONAH TO NINEVEH, THE DECADENT WORLD CAPITAL of Assyria: –“40 days, then Nineveh shall be destroyed!” But when Nineveh repented, God spared her a little longer. But I don’t think this Nineveh is going to repent!–And the only Nineveh that could possibly mean is America, of course. America has been the ruling power of the world. America is now the declining power, and Russia is the ascending power. “The Christmas Monster”

Note: On the other hand Jesus coming back may very well be me wishful thinking…So what else or who else could it be but the monster himself, Satan, coming like a comet to the earth to possess the Antichrist, who is by now under great duress to pull this mess of a world out of the bag. Luke 10:18 – And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. If the world, but especially Europe see that the nuclear war is imminent then they may do exactly what David said they would in “War or Peace” #1518 Here are the two scenarios David lays out:

“Paragraph 37. NOW, IF THIS INTERPRETATION IS TRUE–& it sounds better than before & fits better than the former–although it looked like the War was to occur almost at any minute, only that Covenant could possibly save the World from War right now! And that would take a masterstroke of Antichrist genius to swing it, when both Superpowers are standing right now with their fingers on the button at the brink of destruction! It would certainly take a revelation of the Antichrist himself & some political genius to bring about World peace right now in the face of imminent War, to bring about a World Peace Pact–which as far as I can see, could be none other than the Holy Covenant, confirmed by the Antichrist himself!–In which case, we may have another 3-1/2 years of peace!

And or

Paragraph 45. AND WHEN I FINALLY CAME TO THE DESTRUCTION OF BABYLON, IT JUST DAWNED ON ME IN A FLASH, CLEAR AS ANYTHING!–If that War in Revelation 17 & 18 is the Atomic War–which it certainly sounds like & which we’ve been saying all along, that Babylon or America is destroyed in the Atomic War, in one day, one hour–then it does not occur until after the ten kings of Europe have yielded their power to the Beast!–In other words, until the Antichrist has become supreme!–And until at least Europe makes peace with him & cooperates with him!–Which would almost force the U.S. to make peace! But then, in that 3-1/2 years of peace he really establishes his power & gets complete total control & a real grip on the World, to where he no longer needs the Whore, America! He certainly could easily persuade Europe then to turn on America & fire their missiles that way instead, & that would solve the whole problem!”


“The keys will be to you what you need them to be: a fairy of encouragement to spur you on, a light to guide you in the darkness, a song of victory to cheer your heart, and a fire beneath you to keep you moving forward in spirit.”





March 2022


At The Top Of The World



November 2021


The Crash Update