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“Now is the time of the whispers, and all My troops that have taken the call seriously are using this method. This is the method of communication from now on; it has been for a while, but it is now in earnest. Forms of earthly communication will become more and more difficult and in some ways impossible. This may not be an easy saying for some, but I cannot strive with the double-minded endlessly. As I’ve said before, Satan saw the fall of the COD as his golden opportunity, as his signal to strike what he thought to be his most deadly blow to My plan at that time. Now he is locked, loaded and ready to go, and will not, cannot turn from the inevitable end –all-out war.

This is the time when My troops must be where they have been called to be, to fill the places that have been kept open for them. If they are not ready or if they are hesitant, then they must remain where they are and there fight with the resources they have at hand. If you are called to be a commander of a small guerilla band or if you only have one or two people to oversee, make sure you do it with My earpiece in your ear listening intently to My every instruction. All My troops both spiritual and physical are now behind enemy lines.” (Jesus speaking)


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 (Spirit helper speaking: ) Away from the mob, away from the crowd. Being separate isn’t always easy; it never is, in fact. Why? The sense of loneliness is crushing, and the harsh blows of words that are thrown at you, simply because people don’t understand where you are at and why you do what you do, are bracing and tumble you over time and again. But up you stand to once again reach the summit, the new summit of the new height you are to attain. And once again do it alone.

You are in the palm of Christ’s hand, and that can never be said as truly alone. For His hand is big and holds a whole lot of others. Here all the outcasts of this world meet and listen to the Savior; here the crushing blows of satan are healed, and you are made stronger, and are a more valiant warrior because of it. Fly up and sit in Christ’s hand and enjoy treats fed to you by His Heavenly hosts. Things won’t go on longer than you will be given strength to bear. Rest and be healed.



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(Jesus:)  I have given you the power of life and death through the Keys of the Kingdom.

Do you want more? Get up; don’t just stand there. Tell the world the truth that I have given you. Get up, soldiers! Get up, dry bones!  Rise up, My angels! I am calling, and through My command you will start moving. Your bones will grow meat and tendons, nerves and blood vessels, skin and hair.

Now I can pour My life-giving blood upon your sleeping bodies.

Life is come to your dead soul. Rise up O dead soul, come alive. Speak, mute mouth.  Listen, deaf ears. Feet and hands, move. I have formed you, My son, and for this I have created you: to bring liberty and truth to this oppressed earth. Rise up and tell others what you have seen and heard from My spirit.

Tell them the day of the Lord is at hand. Repent, oh wicked generation. Give ear to the words of   salvation. Give ear to the word of the Lord, for He comes from His place with power and great glory to break the nations like the metal rod breaks mud vessels.

I will tell them, this is My son, hear him.

Says the Lord.

(Read: Jeremiah 25)


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 (Spirit helper speaking: ) In Heaven there is no time as you know it. Rather it’s like “There’s no time like the present.” You linger until you learn; time doesn’t move you forward, but rather your “knowledge of the Holy” moves you forward. As you progress in spirit and heart and mind, so do things move along for you.

On Earth, seasons and years of age move people to this or that activity and station in life, regardless of their emotional stability and heart condition. On Earth, the clock can tell you what you are to do, but in the Eternal Kingdom of the Redeemer, His will alone dictates what to do.

On Earth the “changing of the guard” says what happens next, (as in the old days when guard-changes told the time, or time periods were determined by a king’s reign and ended when a new king took over.) But in God’s Heaven above, only He says what happens next.

On Earth, the sun’s light moves you forward in time; in the realm above, the enlightenment of mind and heart move you along to progress. This is the “time” of Heaven that comes from the light of God.

The sunshine is not needed to dictate times and schedules because the Son of God rules. He is the clock, so to speak, and moves along as He wishes. And what moves you along is your readiness and eagerness to learn of Jesus. Your ability to grasp the concepts and ideas of Heaven is the “time changer” for you and makes new things happen.

Where you are at in spirit indicates what “time” of life you are in. You can’t make forward progress in “time” unless you have truly learned your next grade. So that is something very different than on Earth. When your eyes are opened and you see and grasp new things in the spirit, you move on to new and better things.

So why was the selfish rich man in the parable not in the bosom of Abraham? Because he didn’t learn what he needed to, to get to that station of joy. And what did he want to do? He wanted God to send someone to teach his relatives something about the life to come while they were yet on Earth. And why couldn’t that request be fulfilled? Because they hadn’t learned from the scripture what they should have. If they had, then they might have been ready for the next lesson from Heaven. But they didn’t pay attention to the written classes, so they weren’t eligible for the more Heavenly interactive lessons that would have gotten them higher up with more pleasures in the world to come.

So, learn your lessons well. Each thing you are able to fully and competently grasp here, the higher level you’ll be on there. Earth is a learning station for so many lessons. Take this chance to hop up as high and fast as you can—by not just watching the clock, hoping things go by quickly so you can get on to other things. But by learning good and well what you must, so in the Heavenly realm you will be moved to the levels I know you really do want to be at. Learn now, laugh long later.

So, was today a battle? But did you learn something you wouldn’t have been able to before? Be glad. The battles were a gift to teach you, and thus to get you into a higher level of joy hereafter. –That is– if you learned from them and didn’t just sulk and fume and fuss about the difficult challenges.

It’s all about waiting for the prize, and not being so anxious and too eager to fast forward to the “fun bits” that you miss learning what you were meant to through that exercise. They are all exercises, to see how you’ll cope and what you’ll do—and if you’ll react as God has been teaching you to.

Each day is like a test, to see if you learned. So don’t be shocked if tests come and battles rage, even after you’ve had all this nice time with the Lord, and read all kinds of Word. That’s what it is for—to test if you are remembering it, and to practice putting it into practical living.

When you pass a test, then you move on in spirit. Things change for you in the physical too, while you are here, and they’ll change in the spirit when you come back to the realm of God’s throne, His Kingdom.



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(Jesus speaking: ) You are just going to have to keep up. I’m going to be zig-zagging here -then there, sneaking up here, then running out in the open firing range over there. Just keep up, and don’t worry about trying to predict My next move because that’s beyond you, believe Me. And don’t filter things through your mind, but through your heart. In the garden of your heart  we commune and you get My mind on it. But if there isn’t time for that, just do it. Explaining can come later on if there still is a need, and it hasn’t unfolded clearly.

Nothing is going to go as “normal” from now on. “Perfect-image Christians” are a thing of the past, or they will be if they keep sucking on the pacifier of a church clan and groupitess. A whole new “look” is needed, a unique one. You may not even be able to spot a true, faith-believing Christian in the world, as the real ones I need to have hidden in a million ways.

When it’s time for them to come out and be exposed for My glory, I will  do it with flare. There is no “standard/ typical” believer that I wish all to model themselves after. Just be the vessel I need you to be, right where you are, and doing what I most need you to do.

In the end we can all take off our masks that were used to mock and trick the enemy and have a good laugh. The play is over, and the real cast can be who they really are in the freedom of Heaven.

We are going to have such an awesome time—together and privately, as a team and just you and I alone, when all this is over. Never forget that.


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