Do you believe that what I have promised I will perform? Do you trust Me so much that it doesnt matter what things look like to your eyes or mindyou know Me so intimately that nothing could ever dissuade you from following whatever task I give you to do? Thats the kind of dedication that will carry you forward and through any battle you will face. Thats the conviction of heart that will cause you to get up off the ground after some blow from the Enemy, to glare right back at him and scream in his face that his attempts to stop you only make you more determined to destroy him utterly. Its easy for circumstances and conditions to hurt your faith, if thats what youre going by. The thing to do is to thank Me for what doesnt work out, and move onto find the one that will. If you expect that youll be able to demand something according to your will, not Mine, youll be disappointed (Jn.5:30).



The Wine Cellar

        To My Elites (new)

        parts 1-6


To be carnally minded is death

“Yes, the flesh is set to self-destruct. Just look at man…for all the supposed progress and new technology, man is on a path of self-destruction. Didn’t I say through Paul that to be carnally minded is death? (Rom. 8:6) That is no joke, and it is not some symbolic parable. The desires of the flesh, if yielded to, can destroy a person. Some have the desire to drink alcohol, others a desire to overeat, some a desire to under eat. If any of these are followed through on to an extreme, the end is death.

There is also spiritual death; pride is the ultimate in carnal mindedness and fleshly thinking. But so many embrace it and allow that spirit to settle on them because it feels good. It feels good to be lifted up in mind, either by lifting yourself up or allowing others to lift you up. But it’s the same carnal path of death. Pride leads to rejection of Me and My ways, and that is spiritual death. This type of fleshly thinking is even more prevalent in the world today. If you can escape this ever present demon of pride, then you should be oh so grateful to Me.

Thank Me for the humblings and the breaking. They allow you to come to Me in love and nakedness. You cannot come in unto Me if you are coated in pride. You have to get rid of those garments. You must see clearly where these paths of pride and flesh lead…death. As for you, you will most likely not eat yourselves to death. But when you indulge the flesh either by partaking of some fleshly pleasure that you shouldn’t or by following that path of pride in your mind, you allow yourself to be held back and hindered in your walk as a soldier. I have always told you that indulging the flesh dulls your connection with the spirit. This can happen in many ways …whatever  happens to be your weakness, whether eating, daydreaming, yielding to pride, seeking fleshly pursuits, or just not fighting and letting your battles walk all over you. Even being lazy or lethargic about your battles is “fleshing out” because most times the flesh doesn’t want to fight. It doesn’t feel like calling on the keys and forsaking the juicy lies that the enemy is feeding it. It’s weird, but it wants to stay in that pit and get beat over the head by the enemy until it’s a bloody, useless mess. See what I mean about the flesh being self-destructive? Do you see what it is saying when it says “to be carnally minded is death?”  

Romans 8:6

“This world and the things of this world, including your flesh is set to self-destruct.”



“Revelation 13:3”

Covid19 is a well laid trap. Just as fire drives wild animals crazy with fear and frenzy; so does the designer of 666 use Covid to create fear and desperation in the hearts and minds of the masses.  In the flesh there is no way out…YET…there is a way out…Only Jesus saves, not the vaccine, not the mask, not the mark…Only Jesus.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind(2 Timothy 1:7)

Remember fear brings torment, and you lose your sound mind.



oh… the carnal mind!

“There are so many who have been sent strong delusion. This is a dangerous time to reject my truth. The slippery slope is very steep. Those who actually reject my truth in their minds are immediately infiltrated by the enemy’s doubts and lies. The enemy makes his thoughts seem so reasonable because they appeal to the carnal mind. But what people forget is that the carnal mind is enmity against Me. So those who listen to it will drift away from Me and lose sight of the true reality. This is happening in the world at a rapid rate, but it is an attack that the enemy tries on you and your children as well. So you have a double battle. You must fight to wake up those out in the world and you must also fight to keep a hold of that heavenly vision. The enemy is so tricky, he attacks at the very foundation and source of strength -My Word. He knows if he can get you to neglect the Word, then his job will be easy. Your defenses will be down and you will be wide open to his attacks. You are doing well to expose this attack. When you bring it into the open, then everyone sees that it is an attack, not simply something that is happening to them alone. Your openness and unity will become a great strength and will foil many attacks before they can do too much damage.” (prophecy)

 The slippery slope


The enemy makes his thoughts seem so reasonable because they appeal to the carnal mind.



The enemy is so tricky, he attacks at the very foundation and source of strength–My Word



Based on “It Can Happen This Year…1992”