…and into the realm of the impossible

“The carnal mind fights, absolutely fights, against the Spirit of God. That’s what is happening in your minds and why you are facing these questions‚ dear friends of Mine. The carnal mind just cannot understand the things of the spirit. The things of the spirit don’t make sense to the carnal mind. They seem illogical, wrong, off on a tangent, and unreasonable. In some ways it shows that you are still children in spirit. But that’s okay. I understand. I lived on Earth and I often had to reconcile the difference between the spirit and the flesh. I too had to make that leap of realizing that the spiritual had to have dominance in My life because I was going to live eternally in the spiritual world, the real world, whereas the physical world was just for a time. So My Father helped Me to make the leap and to live in the spirit whilst upon Earth. You are having trouble making that leap away from your carnal mind and living the principles I’ve asked you to live in the spirit.

In the carnal world, things are solidified into categories. If you are thinking in your carnal mind, it doesn’t make sense. I want you to make the leap. No, you don’t have to make it, and I will still love you if you choose not to. But I want to make the point clear that if you don’t make the leap into the mind of the Spirit, well, you have done just that-you haven’t made the leap out of your carnal mind. I’m not condemning you for this‚ but you do, for your own sake, need to realize that you are being led by your carnal mind in that decision. So if you don’t make the leap of faith into the spiritual mind, it is very important to realize that you are choosing the carnal mind to think and view things from, and that there is a world beyond it that is completely different. The spiritual realm is true; it has another dimension to it that you just can’t understand in your natural, carnal mind. It’s very important for you to realize this truth, otherwise you open yourself up to strong delusion; you start believing something that isn’t true in order to justify your choice in your thinking. It’s simply important for you to know that there are worlds beyond your carnal mind that are open to you if you want to grow and take that leap. It’s difficult, I understand. But it’s very possible, and if you make that leap you will receive strength of the spirit that will be like meat to your growth, adding muscles for the times you have ahead of you. That’s one reason I’ve invited you into this realm of the spirit even now while you’re in the flesh, because by doing so it will be like working out with weights and growing your muscles so that the battles ahead will be easier for you.

So will you ever be comfortable leaving your carnal mind behind? Yes, for sure. Here on Earth? That depends on how much you get out of your carnal mind. Normally the more you do it and the less you think about it, the more you get used to it and the less hold your carnal mind has on you to demean the things of the spirit. If you are quite bound by your carnal mind, then of course it will fight against this. So in a major way how comfortable you become has to do with how much you let go of your carnal way of thinking and yield to My Spirit. That’s the way it always is, isn’t it? It’s got to be by faith, because the carnal mind fights against the Spirit, so the only way into the Spirit is by the vessel of faith. The carnal mind simply cannot get there, and if you are trying to reason it out in your carnal mind, you will not get there. There’s a gap between the spiritual reality and your carnal mind, and the only entrance way there is by getting into the vessel of faith and making that step or leap of faith, whatever it is to you. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a step or a leap, because the vessel of faith can bridge that gap no matter how big it is.

(Like the vehicle in “The Crash” letter) The main point is that it takes faith. Your own carnal thoughts and reasoning will never bridge the gap. That’s a big step, because it’s not only your mind you’re leaving behind in preference for Mine, but it’s your pride too. Can you do that? It’ll be a bolster for you if you can, meaning you’ll be stronger in the spirit and more capable of tearing down the Enemy’s strongholds if you are not held back by your carnal mind and your pride.

“So if you don’t make the leap of faith into the spiritual mind, it is very important to realize that you are choosing the carnal mind to think and view things from, and that there is a world beyond it that is completely different.



“When a change requiring a metamorphosis of your spirit and mode of operation-call on the power of the keys. They will re-create and fashion your spirit after Mine, causing a new creature to be born from the shell of the former.”



And that’s what I’m doing-creating spirit warriors out of you. The spiritual Endtime war is going to take place on Earth. The spiritual world is merging with the physical, therefore it is of utmost importance that My warriors are filled with My Spirit, that their minds become receptacles of My mind, and that you are filled with and possessed by Me. If you cannot yield your carnal mind to these inexplicable, non-understandable things of the Spirit, then you are not letting My Spirit have full control. You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, your entire mind, and all your strength. If you are holding back some of your mind because you want to understand before you believe and trust; then you aren’t giving your mind over to My control. It’s going to be important for Me to have control if you want to be used to the full‚ especially in certain battles with the Enemy where My mind can dominate and defeat him but yours can’t. In those battles, if I don’t have adequate control and possession, he will be able to outsmart you because that’s his realm-the carnal mind-and if you haven’t gotten over the little hurdles presented by your carnal mind and you haven’t gotten used to going deep into My mind, then there are battles that he will be able to win against you and which I therefore cannot use you in. It’s as simple as that. I can use you for certain things, but when it comes to the big games I’ll have to put you on the bench and call in My first string.-Not first string because they are better than you, but because they have yielded all to Me and are going in with My full capabilities. (The Philly brides) One other point that has also been mentioned before: You should remember that when My first disciples heard that they had to eat My body and drink My blood, it didn’t make sense to them. They just couldn’t figure it out. It wasn’t reasonable. And those who were stuck in their carnal mind in the way they thought about it, and couldn’t get it in the mind of My Spirit, left and walked no more with Me. Those who stayed on had to take it by faith, that somehow, because of everything else they knew about Me, this must have some truth in it, although they couldn’t perceive it at the moment. They chose to hang on by faith anyway. I’d like you to believe by faith even if you can’t see the reasoning behind it all. But again, that choice is up to you. At some point you’ll have to choose either the carnal or the spiritual mind. So choose well, My loves. I need all the warriors I can get, and your rewards will be unfathomable. I love you. From the One Who loves you most of all.” (Our Patient Lover: Questions and Answers on Loving Jesus [#3559])

Taken from the Podcast: “And Jesus Passed Thru”


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January 2022



Sand of Personal Conviction





December 2021



The Bride and the Blue Angel






September 2021


Spirit of a Man Sustains Him





July 2021



The Lintel





from Heaven’s Library

“Alice laid the book aside and decided to read one of Mr. Sage’s complimentary volumes and found it intriguing. Before long, with I Dare Say fallen open across her chest, she slipped into slumber and found herself attired in her customary Victorian pinafore dress stumbling through a forest at nightfall. She was clutching a small golden torch and was making her way through the undergrowth towards distant cries for help.
Finally she stumbled upon a large cave from where those cries emitted and around its entrance scurried a horde of armored ants, wielding swords and daggers. Alice realized she was quite small, as the surrounding grass towered above and the ants were knee ­high to her. Across the cave’s mouth stretched a giant web in which hundreds of ants were bound, some were dead and others were crying for release. From inside the cave, Alice heard a bloodcurdling cackle.
One of the leading ants turned and upon seeing her, gave a joyful whoop. “She hath come!” he shouted to his companions.
“Who?” “The one for whom ye have been praying! Alice!”
“Our deliverer!” the others answered almost in unison. “Me? Thy deliverer?” “Aye,” said the leader. “See?  Many of our comrades, relatives, wives, and children are caught in that web. Didst thou bring thy keys turned to scissors?” “Nay, but I have this golden torch,” said Alice. “Humph, what can that do?” “It hath lighted my way here, and can help you to see all the better.” “Verily? Well, we were expecting thee to use thy golden scissors to cut the strands.” “But ye are all armed. Can ye not do the job yourselves?” “Ah, we try and although there are hundreds of us, the web is much too intricate, and the strands appear faster than we can cut them. Besides, many of us, while trying to do so, are caught and die in the web too. It’s a losing battle.” “Hmm…,” said Alice. “Ye do slash in vain.” “What? Thou deemest our noble efforts such?” “Well, have ye considered attacking and killing the spider itself?” “Spider? What on earth is that?” “The one who is behind it.” “Behind what?” “Spinning the web, of course. Do ye not hear its cackle?” At Alice’s statement, the ants burst into laughter.
“What on earth is so funny, pray tell?” Alice asked. “That is preposterous, dear girl! Something or someone behind the spinning of it? Nonsense. And as far as hearing a cackle…”

“Well, it is true, I heareth it. And wherever there is a web, most assuredly there must be a spider.” “Humph. Hast thou actually seen one?” “Of course I have. In my world … umm … realm,
whatever, it is most perfectly logical. Webs do not just appear out of nowhere!” The ants fell into further fits of laughter. “I am most awfully sorry,” said Alice. “But I fail to understand the reason for such mirth.” “Simple,” said the leader. “Thou hast insinuated that not only are we short­sighted—possibly even blind—but also deaf.”
“Very well,” said Alice. “Do ye all like music?” “Of course!” the ants chorused. “Then we all agree that when we hear music, someone has to be playing it. Music doth not play itself, right?” Alice smiled and waited.

“So be it,” she stated in response to no response, and shone her torch into the cave. The ants fell silent and drew back; some even dropped their weapons and scurried off. The beam of Alice’s torch had revealed a monstrous black spider that, with bared mandibles, appeared mortified at its exposure. It had also ceased its cackling.
“Attack it and kill it!” Alice shouted. “Ye have the weapons and the more of ye that do so, the more effective it will be!”

“The human mind is like a computer. No matter how efficient it may be, its reliability is only as great as the information fed into it. If it is possible to control the input to the human mind, then no matter how intelligent a person may be, it´s entirely possible to program what people will think, and yes, it´s even possible to program people to laugh at the mere mention of the word “conspiracy”.”


Out of Memphis

The Word is what will keep you in time of trial. Listen to My Word, claim My Word, say My Name, praise Me through your tears, rebuke the Enemy, submit your will to Me, and trust Me. Forget your feelings! Obedience and faith bring victory, as you call on the power of the keys.


Although bewildered, at Alice’s command, the remaining ants swarmed towards the spider wielding their swords and daggers. “Stop!” another of the leading ants shouted. “We need not get involved with this loony little girl! She is evidently delusional, sincere but deceived. Beside herself!” The ants stopped, evidently respecting this intellectually persuasive ant. “Alice is mad, Baron?” one whimpered.
“Aye. Loony. It is not real.” “What is not real?” “This horrific thing the loony little girl doth call a ‘spider’.” “What meanest thou, ‘it is not real’?” said Alice. “See for thyself!” “Simple, child. Thy contraption is merely projecting an image into the cave.”
“Thou speakest of my torch?” “Whatever thou callest it, yea. It is most irresponsible and foolish of thee to project images of fear into the minds of my fellow ants, leading them to believe that such an evil creature could ever exist. Switch off thine accursed talisman.” Alice did so and the ants gasped. “See?” said the ant. “The image was just that—an image. Now let us get back to the real work of freeing our fellow ants.” With a roar of agreement, the ants returned to their task of slicing at the strings of the web and Alice heard the cackle resume from within the cave “Ha!” touted the leader ant. “and we don´t want to be confused with the facts!!!
Then Alice awoke.
* * *
I FEEL SO SORRY FOR THOSE VIOLENT REVOLUTIONARIES–they are so outnumbered, I’m afraid they’re going to be wiped out! They cannot destroy the LIE by destroying what the LIE has created, because the LIE is the Spirit of Antichrist–a spiritual force of evil that is invisible, but which has created the visible evil System. We have to shoot the LIE down by God’s Spirit! DBB
* * *

“Only I can make the tiniest ant to teach a nation.”


Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. Psalms 119:105



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January 2022


Prophecy and The Temple


January 2022





January 2022





January 2022




2 Corinthians 6:17

Jesus Speaking: The battle rages and the fight is on. Of course you can try to ignore it or pretend that it’s just some physical thing. Like when you hear the madness outside, the weird noises from the supposed “church” or the ruckus at the bar across the street, you can just think to yourself that it’s just some really foolish people making a lot of noise. But you have been told that it’s a part of the war. Those demons are manifesting themselves in the physical. They have taken a hold of those who have yielded to them, and they are laughing and showing their power. The war is real; those that fight you are real. Of course, if it was My will, you have enough key power to blow those demons off the face of the earth, but it isn’t time for that now. I allow them to remain, for one, as a test of your faith and two, as a constant reminder of the war. And for now, the world has been given over to Satan. According to the rules of this engagement, he is allowed to inhabit those who give themselves to him. Right now, that is a large share of mankind. Even many Christians who believe in Me have been deceived and willingly bought into the system. So for now, it’s more like containment. I contain you safely. I feed you in the presence of your enemies. I could obliterate your enemies, but it’s not time yet. The time will come when “The wicked will not be and you will diligently consider his place and it shall not be” but for now it’s more like “Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear” and “A thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee”


“Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.”


Revelation 16

The keys of the Kingdom give you an instant connection and a powerful link to Heaven.

So when you hear the noise, you know that it’s the enemy sitting cackling in their tents right outside your encampment. In their foolishness, they feel triumphant because they are allowed to sit there, pestering and making noise. But it’s a bit hollow, because that’s about all they can do. Of course, he tries in other ways too. He sends in waves of hopelessness, discouragement, negativity, boredom, lethargy and many others. But if you recognize where it is coming from and put up your shield of key power, then you defeat him on that score as well. Even when the blows do get through and you go down, you can use it to learn to fight better next time. Or just the sheer determination of getting up over and over turns you into a tough soldier that is determined to use those weapons no matter how many blows he takes. So you really are in a “win-win” situation. The cards are stacked in your favor; you have all the advantage. You have the weapons, and they are strong and powerful: but if, because of your pride, he manages to land a blow on you and you go down, you are actually strengthened because it reminds of you where your real strength lies and you fall back more heavily on Me and less on your own strength. See? Like I said, –win win.


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October 2021


What is rising above?


MB live…Rising above is something Jesus achieved when on earth, you can too.



October 2021

Can you be delivered from the mark?


Some say no, let’s hear from a famous prophet on this subject.



November 2021


Let the dead bury the dead


MB live…It’s time to head for high ground…the war of the worlds has begun.



November 2021


Daily sacrifice


Will the physical 3rd temple ever be built, or are we waiting for the wrong signs? What if its already built?



Jesus speaking

Heed not the lies of the foul one who would seek to ensnare you in his foul scheme. “Today feast, tomorrow work” for so swift will be the downfall that comes, that you won’t be able to pick yourself out of the rubble too easily.

Today is the day of salvation—to the “saving of your house”. Prepare now, and then when the trouble hits, you will be on the safe side: heroes rather than victims.

I warn you: do not depart from the faith you have been taught. Only in clinging to the faith that I have entrusted to you will you be a beacon. The faith of your fathers is what you must hold fast to.


I breathe into your heart

(Jesus speaking:) Baby, I need you. I dream of you. I ache for you, much in the same way you do—for indeed all your feelings are encased in My heart, for you are in Me. Let’s just make it through this next part of the journey, and then we can take our fill of love.

It’s good that you need to keep coming back to Me to hear Me speaking. This gives you oxygen, like those climbing high mountains need. It’s not always the cool words or phrasing –the word pictures or even the Heavenly insight that keeps you going on and on, but more than anything, it’s what I breathe into your heart while you are taking time to listen. It’s the invisible things of the Spirit of God that buoy you up.

“For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Matthew 24:38, 39


Revelation 15-22

“A door will be unlocked for every need by the keys of the Kingdomsupply, healing, deliverance, wisdom, unity, insight.”





Lift up the hands that hang down

“We’re spiritual beings, not just flesh and blood. That means your spirit needs food each day, as well as your body. The Proverb is certainly true that “The spirit of a man sustains him” (Proverbs 18:14). Your spirit is what keeps the entire “you” going. It keeps you pressing onward and gives you the incentive to put your body into motion. So it stands to reason that the nourishment you give your spirit each day will affect your physical body–the more spiritual nourishment, the more sustaining power for your physical body as well.”

If you think that this is your life, then you’re too attached to this present World. You’ve let down roots and have started to grow here. You don’t have the Heavenly Vision anymore; the Earth life has gotten hold of you. You have to realign your vision every day, because you’re surrounded by the Earth and its people. You’re surrounded by devils and demons of carnality, of lust and of self. This world wars against your spirit and is trying every day to bring it into subjection, into chains.”

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The spirit which will best bear infirmities is first of all, a gracious spirit wrought in us by the Spirit of God.” (C.H. SPURGEON,1896)



“When I’ve asked something difficult of you, claim the keys of yieldedness as you step out by faith to obey, and it will be easier and better than you ever expected.”





…and the lid

Jesus speaking:

(Jesus speaking: ) Doubt, disillusionment, despair, and finally failure –that is the ultimate battle plan of Satan and his minions to defeat any would-be strong, radical warrior for My Kingdom.

One step leads you to the next, and on goes the downward spiral, until you are totally defeated and can’t lift a finger anymore to do anything for anyone—yourself included.

But all you need to do, when at first you begin to lift the lid to the pot of worms, is to say, “I don’t want it. No thank you. I don’t want doubt and despair to creep into my life.” And shut the lid. –The lid is your mind, of course. But shutting a lid that is letting in the unwanted guests is harder than you think. For once that rusty and out-of-shape pot placed there by Satan is open, it’s hard to press it down again firmly and keep it shut.

So what do you need? A rock. A good rock that can be placed on the lid to keep it held in place and kept shut. You need something strong to be the barrier that helps you keep those critters of destruction away.

“Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly”. That is the best rock around. Then, when the enemy tries to push up on the lid of your mind and get it open again, the heavy rock that is on top of it will keep it shut. The heavier it is, that is the more of “the Word of Christ” that is in your mind, the more firmly the lid will be kept shut.

But if some doubt were to come, something that entices you to remove the rock that is guarding the door of your mind, then like night follows day, so do the rest of the deadly steps of confusion creep in to eat up and destroy whatever they can that is good in your heart and mind and life.

So “keep a lid on it” as they say. Only by having the rock of My Word firmly on your mind will you be kept from the life-rotting creatures who are content with nothing else but destruction and failure.

Be strong and of a good courage. Fear not, neither be afraid. For Io, I am with you always. Let My Word dwell richly in you, forever.