Men and women of faith

Parts 16 & 17

“I speak to you, son of man. Do you truly believe that if you remain in your safe place of comfort, that no evil shall fall over you? Oh, thou foolish son of man. Beholdest thou not the house that is about to fall over your head? Your countenance is waxed cold, but thou shalt see on the day of your visitation, when the towers fall, and men be without restraint. Behold, who will understand knowledge in those days? Evil will be their bible. Lying and falsehood will be their law. For you did not hear the words of My Prophet David. Even as I did speak through My prophets. Hear Me, O son of man. Give ear to the counsel of the Lord God of heaven, your true Maker. “

For the time will come when your conscience will cease to be, and knowledge will fly away as the birds that migrate when the fall cometh. 

And then you will search for sound wisdom, but you will not find it….to read the continuation of this interesting prophecy in PDF format DOWNLOAD

To My elites

“Sons of God, go to the streets. Proclaim the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. For He is coming in the clouds with His holy angels and will take with Him all people that will hear the voice of God and do His will.”



The Lamp

It’s later than you think, you have overslept.





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Prophecy on psalm 91:7

A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.

Jesus says:

You are going to see a whole lot of death and destruction around you in the world, for it is a battle zone of right against wrong, of good against bad, of light against darkness. It gets messy with so much scuffling going on—mostly in the minds and hearts of mankind. Then things get played out in the form of lack of love that causes death and destruction, and just plain evil that works against the way of God.

But you don’t have to play a part in the evil, and you don’t have to be a casualty either. You can escape the tempter’s snare through the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. You can bind evil for a time, and loose angelic hosts that are set and ready to go at the voice of your call for My help.

For a full PDF copy of Psalm 91:7 (Download here)

psalm 91:7

“Things are big and bad and will keep getting so, for both the wicked and for the undecided. I want them to take notice that there is a clear and safe pathway that they could be walking on.”






Prophecy: Jesus speaking

Yes beloved, we’ve reached the top of the roller-coaster climb; the biggest incline on the whole ride. Take a panoramic view of all that has passed before you. See the ride behind you, wow, what a journey, ups, downs and corners so steep you thought you’d surely fly off with nothing but thin air between you and the ground far below.

Did it happen? No never. Not possible.

Each way-station that came up along the route you were given an opportunity to stop the vehicle and hop off. There are safer, more stable, more reliable rides in this fairground of life, you thought. Well, you didn’t take the hard way out, you took, by faith, the easy way Yep, you stayed on the roller-coaster and let it carry you to this wonderful view. A view no one else, since the beginning of time, has seen. You and those around you on the coaster have been given an opportunity to have a bird’s eye view of what is coming.

It looks quite murky toward the bottom of that slope. Yes, it’s hidden from view, but that shouldn’t matter because you already know the end of the story; and that is really all that matters. Just hold on to the safety rail, and the roller-coaster of God’s will is going to carry you right on through that murky darkness, and soon enough you are going to come out into the light of a brand new era.

Of course it is all by faith, but that’s the fun part. That’s why you stayed on this roller coaster in the first place…wasn’t it? Yes, you love to live the faith life; you love to put your life into the hands of the only One who knows the way through this journey called Faith.

The Ride of your life

“Yep, you stayed on the roller-coaster and let it carry you to this wonderful view.”



“The Happy Ending”

Take a look at what is coming after this ride passes through the short but murky future…you’ll love it! ‎ 




        To My Elites

        Parts 7-10



living with the white rabbit

“The enemy will not take this lying down, in his pride he thinks he controls the chess board, but he doesn’t realize that you My pawns now have the power of your queen, yes I have given you that power because it is now time for My pawns to stand up and receive the reward of obedience.

The power to move at My will and in any direction is yours, according to your faith be it done unto you.”


I am the white rabbit and you have followed Me withersoever.

I am quick, I am fast, I come and I go,

 I smile and I love, I make the devil dance to My tune.

I am the controller, not he, I play the music and he has to dance.

He cannot catch Me, he cannot keep up,

every move he makes I make twice.

One step up but two down

oh that old devil what a foolish clown.

Follow the white rabbit he never can, only My children know how.

Down this hole up another, that buffoon cannot see in the dark.

Lost is he, never to see the light of day,

the answer to you My loves is simply to pray

and your white rabbit will show you the way.

the white rabbit

“The enemy will not take this lying down, in his pride he thinks he controls the chess board, but he doesn’t realize that you My pawns now have the power of your queen.”




The Words of David were built on the Bible, the Words of Maria on the Words of David. All those different parts of the building point to the end time and instruct us on how to best fulfill our destiny. As for our part; well, the choice is left up to us.

Who are the 2nd generation?






Ellya speaking:

“Can you not feel the storms billowing all around you? The winds are strong and wild. Can you not feel My presence? I dance among the trees calling, ever calling for you to come. Awake, dry bones; awake and hear. Hear my call, for the Lord hath need of you. Those of you who have already awoken, join my forces in raising up the others. This can only be done through the keys. Only the keys can unlock their hearts and bring them back to life again. Jesus holds the key to every heart, but it is you who hold the key to His heart and the power through prayer to move His hand to action.

So pray, call out to the Lord; plead before the Throne of Grace as even I do and petition the Lord on behalf of these fallen ones, these fallen arrows. This is your calling, beloved. You are the chosen generation, the last generation. The year 2021 has blown in, and the winds are strong.

Now is the time to let the winds rip these old garments off off you. Don’t clutch them more tightly to you. Let them go, let them fly. Lift your arms and feel the wind blow between your fingers. Do you feel that power, that raw energy hitting you? It is the power of the keys. Now is the time to use their power in greater measure and let them become a very part of your being. Only through using them and depending on them and letting their power possess you will you make it through the End time.”

the call of ellya

“Now is the time to let the winds rip these old garments off off you. Don’t clutch them more tightly to you. Let them go.”



Keys To The Kingdom

“Me, the Keyes of the Kingdom and My Word are one, we three are your vital companions in these last days of man’s rule upon earth. Combined We will help you through the darkest days ever to fall upon this earth.





        To My Elites (new)

        parts 1-6


Men and women of faith

Into the valley of death

(Jesus speaking: ) I went down to the valley of the shadow of death, a shadow of things that would yet be, the real final death in the land of forgetfulness. I went to say that the Daystar was to arise. The light had come and would rise to bring life to all who believed. And just like on Earth, so was it there, in the midst of My brethren below, some believed and others mocked. I pleaded; I explained the scriptures to them. Just as I had done on earth, I said to them also that it was fulfilled in their ears. (Luke 4:21) Those who had waited for the day of My arrival, who still believed that verse saying “Whither shall I go from thy presence” rejoiced to see Me. (Psalm 139:7-10) They would not leave My side. I went down to the pit that I might loose them and set them free these, My brethren, these lost of the tribes of Israel. They were loosed and delivered, as quickly as it was done in Egypt. It was a day of deliverance. Just as the darkness fell on Egypt shortly before they were set free, and just as the first born was slain shortly before they left, so was it again in the time of their deliverance.

The darkness came as I was crucified, and I, the first born of God was slain. And then, oh, I cry to remember what happened next…I was the Moses that led them out and up to freedom.

 But just as the children of Israel had to go through some tough times of testing, so did these released children of Abraham. They have gone through the pain, along with Me of course, in trying to bring their brethren, those still on Earth, to a full and believing knowledge of God. They see how disbelief is a like a plague of the heart and mind and needs to be purged. Time and testing cures it most of the time.

For a full PDF copy. (download here)

Psalm 23


“Beloved, I have updates that you are now eligible for, because you have learned what you needed to in order to get the next bit of information; I know you will do the right thing with it.”



“The Keys Are Our Wilderness”

Physically, there is no escape. To enter the Kingdom you must be born again. And to pass through the tribulation in triumph, will be no less a miracle.