a prophecy

(Bride to the Host of Heaven: ) You are my Husband’s hands to bring me, His arms to carry me. You are the way that I will make it through. He has granted me the honor of your assistance. I am sorely in need of care, of shielding, of transporting. Transport me, loves from the throne of the one true God. Transport me through, carry me through. Uphold me.

Take me to the bedchamber in the throne room of the God I serve day and night. Lay me down at the feet of the One to whom I am wed; the One who has bought and fought for me. I belong to Him, and to you. For you have won me. Thank you for uniting me with my Husband. Take me to His side, oh bearers of passionate love, the redeemed ones from His throne.

Take me. I yield to what Jesus instructs. A thousand yes’s.  I am at your disposal and desire, for I have been placed in your care and tutelage. Take me through and bear me up. My life is in your hands, to do with me as you are commanded.

Hold me through and bring me through.

The Bride awaits the coming of her Lord. The Bride awaits the transport and bearers to bring her safely through the dark night. The night will only sweeten the light that is seen. The radiance of the Bridegroom will only be far fairer after the darkness of the night, and the depth of the waters. The beauty of Christ’s bride will only shine with more radiance because of the washing and purifying in the waters of affliction and tribulation.

Come, Wings and bear us, like an eagle that soars with prey, yet prey that is snatched from the devourer and carries it to its rightful place high above the waves.

Take me, on wings of paradise, take me and the loves of the Son of God. We await the wind of the wings. We await to soar up and out of the waves. Pull us, draw us, take us, and nourish us in the place prepared for the Bride by her Bridegroom.

I have sat long in the waters of this world. I need to be born up and carried up and up to the bosom of my heart’s mate, my Redeemer.

(Bride to Christ: ) Take me to Your side, oh love of my heart, with your bearing wings and angels. I care not to linger. Let the day of deliverance be not a moment later than is deemed wise by Your dear heart, Angel of God, my Christ, my full soul’s passion.

(Bride to the Host of Heaven: ) Take me and bear me up. I cannot take myself. I know not the way. I have not the wings. I see not the path. It is hidden from me. I am weak. I am lost. I am wet. I am in the mire and waves. Bear me up and over, dear wings of the Son of God.

(Bridegroom to His Bride: ) Beloved, I shall indeed come to you, enchanted one, who longs for the pleasures of her God. I shall come and bring you to My side, and never shall you go out of My presence forever more; yea forever and forever more you shall be Mine, to nourish and to cherish Me and the ones that I yet send you to bear ever closer to Me.  And I shall nourish and cherish you, dear one who I have Redeemed.

Come, My bride, My ravishing one. Come. I call and I send that which shall bring you Home.

Forever we shall be wed.

(Bride to Christ: ) The night is long, oh passionate one. But every moment my desire for You is enlarged and made ready. Take pity, oh love of God, on such a one as I, and come to me quickly. I fear I shall stumble in the dark night and fall ere I make it to Your side.

(Bridegroom to the Host of Heaven: ) Bear My redeemed Bride up, oh wings. She has called. Yea, her humbled state is what has aroused Me to send help. Go, and be swift, for there lurks much evil intended on this weak one, this Bride that awaits the coming of the Lord.

Swiftly now, to her side, to each of My darling’s sides. Bear them to Me, for the feast is being prepared, a feast unlike one she or I have ever tasted.

Oh, wings, with speed fly and bring this one safely to Me. I will feast on the beauty of Christ’s Bride, and she will feed at My side.

Be swift for the wicked one closes in and tempts her with false hopes and comforts.

Be swift, oh Host of the Heavenly Guard, for the night is indeed dark, and many holes and pits await her like gaping mouths to swallow her and her young ones.

Up you now. Mount yourselves with wings and bear down that you may bear up, and up and transport this one, these ones, this Bride belonging to Me.

(Bride: ) My Redeemer comes, mounted with wings, to bear me to His side, to bear all of us to the side of the One we have loved and desire to love for eternity.

(Bridegroom to Bride: ) Indeed the passion that I shall unleash, to ravish you darlings, My Bride will leave little left to be longed for. With earnest passion and unbridled desire will you become one, deeply one with Me, embedded within My whole being, forever a part of Me. The consummation will be past anything you have longed for, wished for, or imagined. The unbridled passionate culmination of the love of God with the Bride of Christ, with the sons of God, uniting as one.

Oh, the ecstasy will be millions of times hotter and greater than any trial of the past. In deed the burning passion will sear away the old memories and the wicked things of the past that have plagued My dear ones. Love, only love will remain.

The passion of My love will be so radiantly intense, there is nothing greater to be compared with it.

(Bridegroom to the Host of Heaven: ) Up you now, steeds of the Son of God, there is a wedding to be had. My hunger, My thirst will be satiated.  I will be satisfied, again and again, in ways too numerous and marvelous to count, and too fabulous to conceive.

(Bridegroom to Bride: ) Let My wings of paradise bear you to My side, and there is little you will remember after that, for My love will sear and cause all else to pale. My passion will burn away all competition for your affections; no world, however grand, will ever lure you.

I will make you Mine, and you will remember My love for eternity.

On the Wings of an Angel


I woke from a short nap with these words, this instruction, from the Spirit whispered to me: “Write to the host of Heaven, the balms and elixirs of the paradise of God’s throne, to take you through the deep waters unscathed.” So I rose and began to type the words that came.



Revelation 12

And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.






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       More of Me and less of you.     

  More and more the Lord is asking you to give of yourself for the sake of another. You are being made into that spirit warrior and it is all about turning off your carnal mind and being ready and willing to step into the spiritual realm of the supernatural where true love and sacrifice rein. This is a personal prophecy about  laying aside something in order to enter in deeper.

My love, this thing I ask of you, this Isaac that I ask you to lay on the altar, is something that is truly by faith for you. I gave the command and you do as I ask, even though it is grievous to you. It actually really kills your pride; to have to step aside for another to step into your place; takes humility you know not of; love that prefers another that is not of this world. You know yourself, you, simply can’t do it. So, that means you have to be using this principle of turning off the carnal mind and going into the spirit realm. Don’t try to figure it out or understand why I am asking it of you. Well you know the reason, but you ask, Why Lord? Can’t there be another way?  Well, My love, I am actually honoring you with this battle. It is not for the weak or faint-hearted, but for those that I know will use the struggle to put the word and the weapons to the test because you believe in them.  I know you will come out the other end and testify and give all the glory to Me, telling that I came through for you; that I never fail; that My promises are true. Your love for Me is so great that you want the world to know what I have done for you and what I can do for them. Each and every one of My warriors face a battle that is “the death” of them. Each one has to sacrifice and give up things or people or dreams to serve Me. So, maybe you will be able to help others through your experience. Maybe you’ll help someone else along on their journey and make it a little easier and encourage them to keep going or have some advice on how to make it.

But the greatest most exciting feature of this battle and the ones you’ve been facing is that I am making a spirit warrior out of you. It has all the right ingredients- because you just can’t “get” it, you have to leave your mind behind and put on Mine, and you have to leave pride at the door of the spirit realm. My darling, it is making you stronger. More and more, it becomes less and less about the why and why not and more about what I’ve asked of you and how it is changing you and how each battle is growing you up; it’s emphasizing that you need to go to the weapons and that loving Jesus is the key that  will take you to higher ground. These battles are preparing you. You are having simulation after simulation, so you will be so used to knowing what to do, no matter what battle you face. You know the tactics and you’ll automatically know the steps to take in any situation. It will have become second nature. So now do you understand why you need to feel so weak? It must be so; to train you. It’s the only way. More of Me and less of you.     

“I am actually honoring you with this battle. It is not for the weak or faint-hearted, but for those that I know will use the struggle to put the Word and the weapons to the test because you believe in them. “


“Stay By Me”

Loving Jesus is the key that  will take you to higher ground.





More of Me and less of you.  

Spirit Helper Speaking

Faith to climb the highest mountain can be yours, IF…

If what? If you aren’t so attached to just being “you”. Or if you are still trying to figure out “who you are”, if you aren’t so involved in discovering more about yourself and trying this and that to find what clicks and “does it” for you; what makes you the happiest, and ticks your “happy heart” box.

What Jesus needs is no-name brand of souls, those who are ready to just do and suddenly be whatever is needed.  He needs those without a label to live up to, and who are mouldable and can be instantly transformed to being something out of their zone of “usual”. Why? Because then He can do the battle with fewer workmen, as they aren’t hung up on only one set of skills or inclinations.

(Jesus speaking: ) I need fighters who are more than just willing to fight for My cause, but are willing to be whatever I need them to be, at any time of day and night. To do something totally different than you normally do or normally are comfortable with requires humility. It doesn’t take much for a clown, who has  always been such, to dress up and clown around. But take a  president of a company and get them to do that in their spare time to cheer up someone. Well, I can’t say that it would never happen, but it’s highly unlikely. So what is needed is two people, as both are pretty well fixed to their way of operating.

However, in My army, if each one is willing to fulfill any need, then the job gets done with fewer personnel, and that means sooner. For it takes time, so very much time, to train a disciple and get them to the point of full-time discipleship—much less the do-anything-you-need-Sir brand of fighting members.

But those who can fill any need, and work harder, will get all the more rewarded. Because humility and giving up so totally the “you” you were trying to make of yourself, is a costly and  precious gift that I cherish. You only have one life here, and to give up the only chance you have to be the perfect “worldling” to instead be a despised nothing ready to be an anything and  anyone needed, with no fame attached, is very meaningful to Me, and highly commended.

So what are you? Well, if you are the type of person that needs a label, I guess you can work on getting one and maintaining it. But if you’d rather be a unique individual that is both priceless and unnameable, as you have “become all things to all men” as Paul the apostle strove to be, then I’ll call you “Elite” “one of a kind” “supernatural” and most of all “Mine”. –And that’s the label you most want attached when you show up at My place, right?

Many put My name on themselves, and want to get in with the God clan. But  for those who let Me teach them the requirements to being “in” with the Elite, and  who give up all to get My credentials to their name, the term “these are Mine” is a class all of its own. For they have given up trying to be “them”, and are trying to just be the “me and God” kind of people. Those who have forsaken all for Me, forsaken the “themselves” for Me, and keep doing so every day, will be labelled alright:  “Mine”. And the VIP treatment will make it all worth it in the time and places where it matters most

No-Name Brand

“For it takes time, so very much time, to train a disciple and get them to the point of full-time discipleship—much less the do-anything-you-need-Sir brand of fighting members.”




The secret to everything can be found in the Word. And a lot of the Word for today can and should be gathered through the channel of prophecy, hearing from Him about everything.




Jesus speaking:

“I’m always keen to “expressions of interest” I notice them right way. Some show it this way and some another way. But when I detect someone’s expressions of interest for Me, any part of Me, anything that I can offer them, I take notice right away.

It’s like when a child comes into the kitchen and smells the cookies that are baking. He can tell right away what it is, and knows how much he likes it. I can smell desire, keener than the best smelling dog can detect where someone walked in the grass days ago. I can notice a person’s desire faster than keen ears can hear a coin fall to the ground in a crowded noisy market place. I can sense it faster than you can tell it’s about to rain.

Oh, darling, my senses perk up. I respond, for it’s what I’ve been longing for. Sometimes you don’t always see this desire side of Me. I keep it pretty well hidden, giving you lots of time to make sure you want Me, and want to abide with Me forever. But when any of the ones I have created start to show real interest in Me, in having Me near, in wishing for Me to satisfy them in some way, it gets My motor buzzing, my craving responds to the waves and signals they send out, and I fly to them.All you have to do is want Me, and you can be sure, no matter what you see or feel or experience, that I will be wanting your spirit near to Me a thousand times more.

Sometimes when at last we make contact—I’m sure of your interest in Me, and you are sure that I love you, a few tears are shared between us. It’s a highly charged emotional event—like seeing a loved one again after a long while. The tears of waiting and hope, fall, and we begin to enjoy each other’s company, almost too good to be true. We start slowly by getting to know each other—you baring your heart to Me, and Me reassuring you of My great love. Once the foundations are laid, we can take the next little step. I don’t want to blow you away, for I’m loving the closeness more than I can express, and I wish for it to go on for as long as possible, before pride or fear or doubt or the opinions of others, or business and thoughts steer you away to things of lesser value.

But how immense is the joy when our relationship is firmly established with all we have put into it over the years, and at last I can explode with some of my raw emotions, and it won’t faze you or make you fall away. We can then have deeper times of communion, and greater thrills. I like a lass that I can yell around out of deep concern, and she won’t flitter away, but holds Me yet tighter. Then once the enemy has been blown away with the breath of My mouth and roar of God, we can enjoy a spectacular time. I can’t wait until the time when I can seriously let loose all that I do feel for you, and can show you My full emotions. I long for that time. Keep getting to know Me, and then we’ll reach that next higher level, and both will find deeper and greater satisfaction.

I still cry sometimes, to think about how you have accepted Me, as little as you know of Me, as small as you have seen, yet you choose to love whatever I am, and forsake all else. You are betting all on Me. You won’t be disappointed, for I will give all to you, all that is good and beautiful and right for you. Darling I really,really love you. And though I can’t show it all to you yet, I can’t fully expose My bosom, for it’s not the time yet, please know I’m really counting on the time that is coming, when we can unite and you can see more just how much, how passionately, how fervently, I love you, crave you, need you. These words hardly say the feeling, the need. I’ll have to express it all in person when “the perfect day” comes. To know the love of God, in its full, is something you have yet to experience, in all the ways I have stored up to show you. But I have to have someone I really trust before I bare My heart to them, and expose My deep emotions. I want to be sure to only share it with one who is committed to loving Me forever. These I can share My secrets with.


“But when any of the ones I have created start to show real interest in Me, in having Me near, in wishing for Me to satisfy them in some way, it gets My motor buzzing!”



“Stay By Me”

A song from the heart of the Bridegroom.




 “Train ride” 

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Or it will beat you

“I am reaching for you. I am extending My hands to you. Is it too great a thing for Me to ask you to come to Me? Is the burden too grievous? Are your hands too weary?”

Vision: (I see a young man in a little room with his hands over his face. It feels so cold –like there is absolutely nothing warm in this place where he is. There is even ice covering the walls, it is so cold; the man is shaking. He is sitting at a desk and it seems as though his legs are paralyzed with the cold. He can’t get away from the cold place. I see the door is open, but he can’t get up and go because he is freezing, and he can’t move.

The coldness has crept in and it has bound you there. It has made you feel like there is no escape. Your hands and fingers cannot feel like they used to; they’re numb.

“My child, My child, My child. It is not for you to understand; it is not for you to be responsible. Oh, how the nights have been so long in the cold, and how you have toiled to find rest. Sweet child, although you do not see Me because it’s so dark, I have always been there in your little room. I have stood in this cold with you, and I have been where you have been.”

Vision: ( I see now this man is crying. He is saying something that I cannot understand. It’s like he can’t even say words… it’s his heart that seems to be speaking and it just comes out in this sound from his mouth.

The scene then zooms out and I see that there are hundreds of evil-looking creatures surrounding this room, but there aren’t any inside. I notice now that in the room there are patches of light, just like rays of light that come from a window, except there are no windows.

When the man spoke with his heart, it was like the light grew and became hotter. )

Prophecy: “I don’t expect you to be able to look at Me or even talk to Me yet. Let your yearning for freedom cry out to Me and the warmth of God will increase in your life.”

Vision: (The light is spinning around. It’s very beautiful, but it seems held back. The man seems to be struggling inwardly so much that he is shaking hard. But then suddenly he looks straight at the Light. It seems to be burning his eyes as he looks, but as he does, his legs begin to thaw and he can now move.  Tears stream from his eyes because the light is so bright. Like the heart language he spoke before, it seems torrents of confusion, pain and torment are being released from his soul. I can feel it pouring out of him.  

The light is calling him to get up and go before the coldness comes back; it is spinning and  calling to him. Then a beautiful girl made of light appears in the room. She too is weeping; her tears fall down so hard. Her tears fall on the man’s face and she asks him if he wants to let all tears he has ever cried, all the regret, all the pain, all the confusion, and all the grief be given to her. He seems afraid and unable to speak. She opens her hands and her tears flow; she kneels in front of him and asks him again. There is so much feeling in the room… like years and years of hurt and anguish are being poured out. It seems as it pours out she is taking it and in its place she is healing the man. He looks at her and he seems so deeply hurt, but she takes him in her arms and says : “I am love , I am healing. I am forgiveness; I am faith. I am trust, and I am yours. I am the Holy Spirit, and I am here to take you out of this room forever. But you must be willing to come with Me. Come with Me, My love and find solace in My bosom. I love you.”

“I want to save you from the darkness, so the light that gave you freedom can also save others that are trapped in the darkness. They need you.”

Beat Bitterness

“The light is calling him to get up and go -before the coldness comes back. It is spinning and  is calling to him. Then a beautiful girl made of light appears in the room. She too is weeping.”



“The Happy End”

One day soon, Jesus is coming back to take back what rightfully belongs to Him. All tears will cease, all regret will disappear, all lost hope will be restored…then.





submitted to m.B. on the 14-Nov-2020

“I look back, dreamily in time, to when I still laughed and played with those I understood, and who, it seemed, understood me. I understood them well, for I had grown up with them. We were companions, in sickness, in health, in good times and in hard times.

This didn’t mean I never was lonesome, for rare would be the individual who never was touched with such feelings; for that is merely part of existence.

Perhaps I then dreamed, as I do now, of a time when I would be fully at peace with my surroundings, with my colleagues and acquaintances. I didn’t realize how much I did have in common with them, until it too was taken away, as the swift stream of life pulls one down and around and away.

Some call it progress; others don’t know what to make of change when it happens. Change always seems good before it happens, for there is always the hope that one will find peace and surcease from whatever is ailing them at the moment. But when change occurs, it comes with a new surge of challenges—some good, some that are unexpected and hard to bear.

And so it was with me. But perhaps that is just because I am not truly home yet. My home is yet to come. My companions, still earthbound, weren’t living yet their full potential. Perhaps in the days to come, when we all have passed through this life of learning, we will be more equipped to be true companions to each other. But that will be some time, sometime far down the line”…continued in downloadable PDF.

A lamentation

“I sit and stare out the window of my heart, not forward, but to a dream that has past. A dream that seems so distant, and crushed, just as the past is gone and buried, so is what I knew to be. But I am still alive; I am still yearning for the peace, for the love, for the laughter of friends. My dream mates, I wish they would be here for me, to talk with, to love with, to share the heartaches of life. I wish we could encourage one another in the paths we each must walk.”



David’s Mighty Men (Song)

Many are called, few are chosen